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sometimes this is how i feel.

We Lived Young is a really beautiful photo blog about someone I don't know but really want to. She is only 18 (or 17) but she lives with her boyfriend in the woods wanting desperately to start a family. She has had quite an unconventional life but is now already a successful photographer - you know those controversial Disel shots in the Brooklyn law school? That was her.
She is so different from anyone I have ever met, and although some people might be afraid of some of the things she has to say, everyone should at least try and read it with an open mind as you can learn a lot from someone whether you know them or not.

"being a writer at heart means no matter how many terrible, unbelievable things happen to you, it's okay because they will always make for good stories. i seek out experience, and things just happen around me."

"above was taken the night we watched stars from matt's fathers backyard. it was the beginning of us. and even though i was staring up at the neverending universe, i still felt like we were the biggest things in the whole world."

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