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This past weekend I went to New York for a styling seminar at Splashlight Studios with Sally Lyndley who is beyond amazing. I met many new people (including Steff from fashionista who I got a little fan girl over) and learned so much from Sally who talked to and with us for two full days- I have over 20 pages of notes! It was like a dream come true to be there in New York with Sally and a group of people who love to geek out on fashion like I do.
Im sure most of you are familiar with her fashionista column and work for magazines such as Love and Pop. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to spend time with one of my idols who had so many stories, lessons, and insights on the world of fashion. If anyone ever gets the chance to attend a seminar with her - I would 100 per cent recommend it.

On another note, I picked up about 100lbs of magazines while in the city. In fact their more coffee table books than magazines. Love, Purple, Numero, Pop, Dazed & Confused, Lola, In Snap, 10, Vogue Nippon, Korea, Italia, and Paris. Oh and Vanity Faire- lets all spend some time getting over the fact that I couldn't resist a Justin Beiber cover... I'm 16 and have no boyfriend- I am allowed to have a crush on Justin Beiber.

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