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today I am officially a GLEEK.

Last year I hated glee. I mean I rolled my eyes when anyone brought it up as I was convinced thanks to the only episodes I had seen I thought were really bad. But I was sick of not knowing what people were talking about and those songs on the radio they sang were kind of catchy. So I went to Blockbuster and rented the first season over again. and I was hooked. So I have now seen every episode and own almost all the songs on itunes.
My friend and I were watching the Golden Globes and we were so excited when Chris/Kurt won. Then we teared up during his speech. The cast is adorable - unlike a lot of casts, I actually believe they like each other. I don't think they've had any major tabloid scandals either. Plus I am slightly obsessed with Chord/Sam and Finn. Also I love than the lady football coach or whatever she is used to be the P.E. teacher on Lizzie McGuire.


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