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angry at america:

I'm kind of an huge american idol fan. Its a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I can watch it for hours. Last night my favorite Idol of the season, Siobhan Magnus was voted off. I mean, how could you NOT vote for a girl with a Mary Poppins tattoo? Not only was she adorable, an amazing singer, and a professional glass blower, but she had an amazing style. Every week she came out on stage in some great little dress and Doc Martins and some highly avant garde accessories(a few weeks ago she wore a dress with little butterflies sticking out of it). There is one girl left in the competition, but if we are talking about fashion she might as well be a guy for all the things she wears.
I actually watch a lot of TV, but I always do it while doing something else. Like I watched the entire Caroline In the City series while reading the archives, the whole gilmore girls series (multiple times) while sketching hundreds of designs, the whole friends series (again, multiple times) while decorating my room, and the tons of entire series of other shows like Project Runway, Sex and the City, and Gossip Girl while doing other things.
So, as an "experienced tv viewer" these are my top 5 tv shows... ever:
1- Friends
2 - Gilmore Girls
3- Sex and the City
4- Full House
5- Gossip Girl

and hey guys, I promise I have a life somewhere in there.

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