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Fashion Internships:

The proper format for mailing resumes for fashion internships:

address (in a box)

Objectives: to obtain an internship the months of ______ in the _______ department (design, PR, sales...) at _______ (place you want to intern. *remember if your mass mailing your resumee to change this every time you send it)

School: All the schools you've attended in the past 4 years and the dates of enrollment

GPA: this isn't necessary but if you have a high one, its acceptable

Former Experience: list all the things you've done that could give you an edge over your competition. (special classes, volunteering, jobs, other internships, if you write a column/blog, ect.)

Special Skills: ex: organized, work well with others, personality, can you sketch?, can you sew? do you work well with numbers? speak any foreign languages? (don't be afraid to sound cheesy)

Awards: list any awards you've been given (acedemic, artsy...)

About Me: write 5-6 sentences about yourself and why you want to work in fashion/what interests you about fashion and what you hope to gain from this experience.

Recommendations: A neat list with names of people the company can call about you (former employers, school guidance councilors, ect.)

-of your sending a portfolio, do it through email
- remember to call a week later for follow up otherwise chances are your resume will be left around or unopened. Then you can ask for a phone interview if yo don't live nearby.

If you are applying for an internship in New York City but live out of town, you can rent dorms at more of the colleges during the summer such as FIT, NYU, or LIM.
Although you would think that people wouldn't turn down free work, internships are very competitive to get and if the company is pretty large (think DVF, Alexander Wang, or Betsey Johnson) they will turn people down.

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