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a visit to charleston

I love Charleston, SC: The tree lined streets, old fire lamps on the houses, circular staircases leading up-to the houses, horse and buggy tours clopping down the street (although I can see how that would get incredibly obnoxious to locals), watching the market clear out while sipping coffee in borders, walking along the battery and looking out on fort sumpter, shopping along King street; there is never nothing to do in charleston. Besides Palm Beach, it is my favorite southern town for those reasons above and many more. The people are so friendly here its hard to leave; back to people knocking you down to get to the open cab before the pregnant lady can get in it. And the FOOD! there are no bad resturaunts, they have the best southern food, and desserts...The only thing Im complaining about is the complete loss of Spring. It went from being in the 40's every day right to the upper 80's. Time to break out those new Jimmy Choo light up sandals and Jeffrey Campbell finge-y gladiators!

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