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the wonders of tats:

I used to think tattoos were tacky (im talking about the full arm or leg ones not a small sign or quote on your back or wrist)-this was back when I was the age when everyone though holding hands with a boy was scandelous. Now, I actually kind of want one (a really small one) but I'm the kind of person who if its not something that is incredibly special to me I can get bored of it in about 3 minutes. If anything I would want either a peace sign on my left wrist (to be clear, I wanted this before when lady gaga was just some girl who had graduated from my school and then gone to NYU) or a star behind my ear. I know those are probably the most common ones and even a bit cliche but I am just not the body art kind of girl. In fact even body piercing - I am sticking to a few in my ear.
Anyway, all of these thoughts were put aside when I saw Rodarte's body art and Chanel tattoos. Rodarte especially made me want to draw all up my arm in tribal looking prints with sharpie. But I didn't for two reasons.
1 - ink poisoning (that must have been incredibly unhealthy for all those models-
2 - I am already the girl who wears leopard print heels and huge non-perscription glasses.

I must point out that the boots in this picture are in fact ankle boots, the rest of the boot is drawn on, hense the weirdly long story that didn't really have a point.

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