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Lately designers have been putting style antonyms together and making them work- urban hiking boots; feminine mensswear; heelless heels; and military-inspired shearling coats, to name a few. But one trend that has recently become high-fashion is obtainable to practically everyone.
Chic sweatpants.
Sure they might not pass through Anna Wintour's pages anytime soon, but they are utterly cool in any other setting. When worn right, these pants are perfect for everyday life. You can move easily, eat the higher fat dressing, and still be stylish. Of course, there are rules to this trend which are more important to follow than with most other trends. For one, if your wearing sweats and not going to the gym please wear heels. Your pants are so comfy that you should be able to bear a little pain in the your feet. Also, keep the rest of the look tailored. Avoid looking like your going to an '80s themed party by not wearing any prints. If your just getting used to the look, its best to keep everything on a neutral palate. If your unsure how to get the right fit- try to look for ones that are fitted through out the leg with a slight drop in the crotch area - but not harem style or anything too dramatic. Cuff the bottoms of the sweats and your ready to make others question the style capabilities of their favorite pair as well.

oh, and no velour.

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