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Atelier Versace Sketches:

As a wannabe designer (and fashion editor, PR consultant, stylist... the list never ends when it comes to my fashion dreams) I have a real appreciation for sketching clothes on models. I've spent so many hours trying and practicing to sketch my models in just the right position with the right movements of the fabric, facial expressions, and foot size - while making it look like none of those things ever entered my mind or that the drawing took absolutely no effort. So, when I see beautiful sketches like these Atelier Versace ones, I always save them to my desktop to look at when I am feeling uninspired pose wise or wanting to try something new. My whole background screen is full of hundreds of microscopic looking icons for each sketch saves in the past two years- highly inefficient.



The Glossy Editor said...

love those sketches too:)

kendal croix. said...

lovely sketches.

x said...

you're amaaaaaaazing m'love


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