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To celebrate only 12 days of school left until break, a few of my friends and I had a British tea party, and a harry potter movie marathon. So we sat around outside drinking cinnamon apple tea and talking in british accents. It was dress code required - must wear a pastel colored dress, and heels. I ended up changing my heels after the picture into more 'suitable' shoes for a tea party, black flats with bows on the front.
The silver bag is my new school bag, I haven't used a backpack since 2nd grade I always use a "toddler sized bag". I just changed my old red crocodile material one in for this one that is actually my old school bag when more than one other girl in my grade had the same one but until now as my knitting bag. because I knit, well I know how anyway and I have a ton of random yarn I have from when I felt inspired to make something and then it never happened. Its the same on both sides, with a grey/silver picture of Heidi Klum (shoulders up) in a big necklace, with her signature Heidi smile. Then on the bottom of the bag it says 'SUPERMODEL' in studs.

"pinky up, of course."

dress: austin jade
bag: a metalic tote with heidi klum on both sides, i am obsessed.
shoes: zebra print and studded heels, Jeffrey Campbell x LF

avery in my hat earrings.

Lady GaGa tea cup!

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