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Sex and the City 2.

After reading over 20 reviews (all saying it was awful) for Sex and the City 2, I was prepared to be completely disappointed by the movie. However I disagree with most of the reviews. I went to see it today and I though it was great. Its one of those movies you see once and then don't see again for a really long time because of how they drag out some scenes. If you haven't been an avid viewer of Sex and the City when it was on TV - or DVD like me, then you probably won't quite get it. There is lots of old things that were patched up and friendships and romances restored. Nothing major really happened like in the first one. Aiden was back and there was the inevitable kiss but that was all.
I wish that more of it was in New York City. The opening credits were by far the best part of the movie with the eighties rendition. Famous stylist Patricia Fields still has her talent although it seemed to be toned down in this movie save for a few classic 'Carrie Bradshaw' hats. Lots of Halson (which SJP is now somehow working/endorcing for them).
Not too many inappropriat parts, except for two samantha sex scenes and comments. Overall, very much like the first one: slow moving but really enjoyable- a must see for all.

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Kerry Lauren Heaney said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this Movie!!!!! I thought it was hilarious. I would definitely see it again at any opportunity. However, you said you haven't really seen the episodes. I have that might be why you wouldn't see it again for a long time. I thought all the characters were really funny, especially Samantha with all her sexual innuendos! :)


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