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uniform police:

I wore jeans like these to school today. They weren't quite as cool as this pair-mine were plain black and less ovular more slitted holes. I got in trouble with the uniform police (which is one man roaming the hallway who spends the whole day looking for people who are breaking dress-code or eating in the hallways. just like middle school) Was told not to wear them again, of course I have them in three different colors so i guess ill just wear them in white next time. (what a rebel i am)
The dresscode is a huge step up from my old school though. The uniform there was in lower school: a wool grey jumper dress with a checked red and white apron type thing that tied in the back over it, our navy gym shorts under the dress, and a white polo or red turtleneck under all that and a pair of black oxfords. The middle school was a grey pleated skirt that had to be past thumb length and a white polo. gym shorts optional underneath, you could wear sweaters but only in pink, red, or white and once a week you could wear a blue sweater and any flat black shoes. My brother's school was three blocks away from mine so I would be running from there when we got out of the cab to my school in literally, negative four degrees with only a coat and skirt. I really miss that.

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