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What I'm Reading Right Now(PART2):

The surprisingly long (261 pgs, as well as about 20 of pictures) is all about Lady GaGa and her life. Focusing more on her life before becoming a 'monster', when she was just Stefani. I've never met her myself but I know some people who have and they said she isn't as crazy weird as she can seem in her interviews every now and then. Mostly its pretty standard stuff, about her family, her many record deals, how she copes with all the newfound fame.. but there were something I never knew before opening this book about her.
When she was abou 20 years old she almost died because of her drug addiction. She is bisexual but she doesn't feel 'emotions' for them, as she does for some men and that she was more normal before she discovered the truth: sex sells. I know she comes off as insane every now and then with her music videos and live preformances but she is so talented. She has one of the most beautiful voices of our generation(which isn't shown as much in some of her songs) and she has a genius mind. She figured out before she was 21 that if she wanted a break she needed to stand out. Because if she wasn't known for things like being called 'GaGa' or wearing bras and undies resembling disco balls, or her highly-contriversal ideas on what she wants to say through music no one would care because there are thousands of other people who have amazing voices in America alone who would die for a chance to score a record deal.

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