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a few of my favorite things:

(via partytights)
The new Miu Miu shoes, they're perfect!
I love that no two shoes seem to be the same - like last years Louis Vuitton 'Spicy' shoes/

(via no-5)
The Natural History Museum in New York City. It's my favorite museum in the world, I uses to go there every month- and it was featured in my favorite moive The Devil Wears Prada/

My 800 magazine collection.

(via lovejen)
Gossip Girl in general. Mainly, Blair Waldorf, when she is feeling down, feeling evil, or just being a crazy bitch.
She is so pretty, and her style is the greatest on the Upper East Side.

(via hayleycakes)
The YSL Tribute booties. They will never go out of style, whether you get the crocodile, the patent or the ones with the neon green soles.

(via modellove)
A mon avis - the perfect dress for me.

(via papercutsandunrequitedlove)
The city skyline at night. Sitting up there thinking about how each little light tells a story each one different and beautiful. Its the best feeling in the world.

DISNEY WORLD. I'm going for my 16th birthday with a few friends this summer.

The views of Peter Pan's London. If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd choose here where places like neverland exist and you can really be young forever.

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