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c'est miriam♥graduated (: Interview. She has agreed to do an interview and answer my question on fashion and why she loves it : 

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How would you describe your style?

Where are you from?
I'm originally from Germany, but I live in Dubai!

Who is your fashion role model?
I love Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, and Emma Roberts. 

What celeb do you think has the best personal style and why.
One of my absolute favorites is Emma Roberts, because her style is very fashion-forward yet very elegant and chic. No matter if she's casual or on the red carpet, her outfits are always pulled together and gorgeous!

Who are your top 5 designers? (because it truly is impossible to choose just one)
I love Juicy Couture, Marchesa, Hervé Léger, Stella McCartney, and Marc Jacobs. 

Why do you love fashion?
I love fashion, because it's the only way you can express yourself everday. Fashion is for everyone. If you aren't artistic or musical, it's one of the only ways you can show who you are and have fun. 

What inspires you?
A lot of things do. Most of the time, it's just one beautiful item. Sometimes it's my friends, sometimes my crush. Most of the time, it's my imagination.

If you could have anything, what would you get?
I would get one pair of amazing skinny jeans. Ones that I can wear all the time, that are tight ad the perfect color.

Do you follow seasons or have your own style?
It's a mix of both. I do pay attention to seasons, but I don't always follow them. 

What is your favorite set you've made?
This is one of my favorite sets by me:

favorite magazine?
I love TeenVogue and Seventeen. 

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
I would either like to be a wedding planner, because wedding just fascinate me, and I love to organize things. I would maybe also like to work in the hotel business, because you can do so many different things, and I find this area very interesting.

What is your favorite fashion era?
Apart from this one, I love the 1920's because the evening wear was stunning, and I love the 1950's, because they're just pure glamour!

 fashion website?
Well, I love browsing items on and

What draws you to a certain article clothing?
Everything. The way it looks, the cut. Everything.

Do you have a favourite trend?
I love cardigans. Adore them x10 And I am beyond obsessed with shorts. 

Do you have any fashion advice?
Always be yourself. Don't follow a trend if you don't like it!

Do you have a favourite quote?
"Fashions fade, style is eternal!" bye Yves Saint Laurent has to be one of my favorites. 

*be sure to check out her other sets on, they are truly great!


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