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Those summer days

i am really craving warmer days. It's like the world is teasing us with one day of warmth and then back into the '40s.

Dancer in a Daydream

One of the most inspiring and beautiful videos of all time. bravo louboutin.
much better than that J.Lo song.


Should be studying, but instead I am reading Andre Leon Talley's 'A.L.T. a memoir' in light of the recent 'drama' surrounding the mass head issues. The book is about how he became the over-the-top VOGUE editor from a little boy growing up in Durham.
If you haven't already heard, or read for yourself, about how Andre recently changed positions in the mast head (from editor at large to contirbuting editor) I don't know the reason why but I would assume it is because of the fact that all magazines are hurting from this down economy. For any reason, Andre has not been sitting with the rest of the 'Voguettes' the past few events/shows.

Look how pretty Jessica looks in Proenza:

Proenza Schouler dress on Jessica Alba
Although I have never been one for head-to-toe designer, I am obsessed with Jessica Alba in this dress from Proenza Schouler (its THE shoes) This would be the perfect fashion week outfit. The simple/stylish-ness of the dress combined with those fun smart shoes could fit in inside any of the tents (of course, by the tents I mean Lincoln center seeing as thats where they will soon be held- I wonder how the new location will affect everything?)

The Door:

Chanel Tattoos

Well here is one way to look that much more like you just walked off the Chanel runway. Besides a hair strip, these are my number one beauty lust I have to have for Summer. Just picture these draped around your collar bone at the beach or a Chanel sign on the back of your left wrist?
They are a bit pricey (55 tattoos for $75) but you could always buy them with a friend seeing as you probably won't wear all 55 anyway in 3 months, although I'm sure they'll always be an appropriate summer trend if you want to try and save some. They are all drawn by Peter Phillips (the executive beauty director for Chanel) and are available online for a limited time.


Best Dressed Dresses:

Poppy Delvigne in Alexander Wang at a premiere for her movie 'Remember Me'
(We must admire her use of combat boots on the red carpet. This dress seems like a more femine and shorter version of that one everyone was wearing a few months ago. You know, the one BeBe completely ripped off in their ads?)

Sarah Jessica Parker at a screening of Sex and the City 2 in Lanvin
MAY 28th!
(you can enter the VOGUE contest to go to the New York premiere online)

April 2010 Harpers Bazaar

Sorry I haven't been on in a while - the 'geniuses' at apple had taken away my computer for the past two weeks!

I got the new Harpers Bazaar today with Demi Moore on the cover. I love the cover I got in the mail with the giraffe and the staircase but my favorite part by far is the tribute to Alexander McQueen. Demi is not only wearing one of the space age dresses, but also the semi-infamous 'alien' shoes. The newsstand cover though is boring at best featuring nothing but a blue background an a not very flattering picture of Demi.
Models should be on the covers of these magazines again! These are fashion magzines, we get enough of these celebrities while watching E! or reading US weekly and I for one don't care .What does Demi do anyway? I read hear about her all the time but I don't know what she does- singer? actress? Maybe being married to Ashton is a full time job?) Of course, she is fabulous for being friends with Rachel Zoe and looking like that when she is 47. Although the article is a bit blah, the pictures are well worth buying the magazine for- maybe on one of the best photo stories featuring the seasons' main pieces (even though they all look a bit familiar).



demi moore harpers bazaar

Live-blogging from the Oscars

Diane Kruger

mmm.. CHANEL. fabulous.
diane kruger 2010 oscars red carpet 04

Miley Cyrus
miley cyrus 2010 oscars 01
I didn't even recognize Miley when she first stepped onto the carpet. She looks AMAZING. This dress is no doubt Dolce & Gabanna, it fits her perfecty, I love her accessorizing of it she looks so grown up and she is wearing this dress like another skin. So far, best dressed of the night hands down.

Zoe Saldana
zoe saldana 2010 oscars red carpet 01
Wait! I hadn't seen Zoe! She is in GIVENCHY HAUT COUTURE!!!! Im sorry Miley but this dress was just shown a few weeks ago and I haven't seen it on a 'real' person before! This dress must have taken days and days of sticking your self with needles to make, and let me tell you.. it was worth it! The dye is perfect, purple looks daring and very flattering on her.

Rachel McAdams
rachel mcadams 2010 oscars red carpet 01
She looks great, the cut and flow is perfection, but I just don't like the color at all. She looks like an old cushion people spilled drinks on..

New Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell x LF
"My nights are more beautiful than your days" - Garance Dore

Do you all agree with me when I say that city views are most breathtaking at night? You can stare at a building all day and have it be just pretty or ordinary (for the most part) but at night it just seems... magical? I think I am really overusing that word lately.

*Studying for French by watching Full House with French subtitles and preparing to watching the oscars. Maybe next year I'll be a seat-filler?

(thigh high boots - ALDO, Haiti Tee shirt - CFDA, jeand - H&M, Bow - Forever 21)


Jessica Szohr Cover For Lucky Magazine's April Issue
I am confused. I am cnfused about why Jessica Szohr has been so many covers lately! To be clear, I am a far of her but besides being a charenchter (not even a main one) she hasn't really been doing anyhting worthy of being a cover model for these magazines. so why? why not put blake or Leighton... or even Taylor on these covers? I do love her Max Azria dress on the teenvogue cover though.
On another Gossip Girl note, the series is returning Monday night! I am very excited as I have been in some serious withdrawl for the past 3 months. I think that this season is the best so far, although many people disagree. I am glad they are focusing more on New York and fashion and less of the high school drama. If only they would do more scenes with Chace Crawford...

My Lovelys:

Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2010 shoes.
Honestly, these are not something I would consider
being part of my style at all, but I actually really like
them! The sculpted heel is very cool but they are
wedges so they are easier to walk in! These are my
favorite colors for them but the style comes in a lot
of different color combinations. The whole collection
this season was based around bright colors and
has an kind of urban-beachy style to it which is
completely on trend this season. My favorite part
of this shoe is the neon edging on the bottom!


Gwyneth Paltrow in Sonia Rykiel. I LOVE this. Its so perfect. I hate to sound like a little girl ohing and ahhinh at pretty things but this dress is flirty, fun, edgy, but also really girly. I wish I had this dress! Those shoes match it really well to. I must say when I saw this outfit in this month's Instyle I was surprised because I don't usually like their choices but they got this one very right.

Alice In Wonderland for real:

I saw Alice in Wonderland today, it was alright.. but it didn't do any justice to the original Disney
version. Proof? Just listen to how this song is so magical and then listen to Avril Levigne's Alice
song. Yeah nothing like it all. Mia is adorable, Anne Hathway was as always great and I was very
excited when I realized that the voice of the catipilar was SNAPE! (of harry potter for you who
actually have lives)

Artist: Fazzino

I am obsessed with this artist, Fazzino. Most of his prints have this new-age pop art feel to them. He does a lot of New York City drawings with I am obsessed with! His prints make you feel as though you are actually part of the picture - or at least they do for me. Through the use of bright colors and details he creates that happy mood you want when you look at art. The prints are expensive but you can make them your screen-saver, as I have, for free!

Brooklyn Bridge
This last one of Bleecker Street is my favorite.

Daily Inspiration

(Photos via Le Blog de Betty)

Reading the 'Le Blog de Betty' archives. Its the number one fashion blog on bloglovvin'.
As much as I like the blog I feel like its lacking something. Her posts are fine but I they aren't really saying anything I am interested in reading about. Her style is very Parisian as she is. This is one of my favorite posts from Betty. I love this dress a lot for some reason

I also like that she wears the same clothes over-and-over in totally new ways each time. Comforting for some reason?

(photos from hotel room window - Ft.Lauderdale)
Back from Miami! I love it there, they have the beach, the city life, and the shopping! One of my favorites is LF (on Las Olas and one on on 8th street Miami Beach).
New Shoes! Awesome Jeffrey Campbell heels (one studded pair, one pair of lace up - pictures next week) It was a bit chilly but it was in the teens in New York so I can't complain.
must read up on all the fashion I've missed while being gone! Luckily I had a chance to catch Project Runway last night and I must say I was really impressed by how Jay took trash bags and masking tape and was able to make it into something I want to wear!
Im waking up early tomorrow morning to see Alice in Wonderland and I am so excited! The original Disney version is one of my favorite ever, although even today Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee scare me.
That's all.

Abbey Lee: taking them by storm

Not only is she super adorable but she is covering some of the most important magazines in the world as well as staring in short videos and ad campaigns for the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Gucci. She really knows how to make herself look good at all times while still having an alien-mixed-with-the-'70-flower-child look that gives her the perfect edge as a top model. The 22 year-old Australian, Abbey Lee Kershaw, is definitely someone to know about or in my case, worship.
“Let's just say, if I weren't a model, I'd be a walking collage. I see my body as a blank canvas that's aching to be decorated; I find it all very fascinating. ”- Abbey Lee Kershaw
VOGUE Australia - shot by Max Doyle:



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