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Best of Milly S/S '10 Show

Milly by Michelle Smith:

Another update on the classic LBD in a younger
preppy-er version. Love with the bib necklace

This would be so cool for a spring day working at Teenvogue

So I love that idea of the button holes in such an architectual way perfect for a stroll around central park.

Oh I am obsessed with this! Im dieing to buy this and have my silver pyramid studs attached all over the lapel! Studs are my life right now.

I know Michael Kors says double satin can in no way be flattering but I really like this dress especially sense it keeps with spring trends (metalic).

This dress also reminds me of the one Isla Fisher wore in the last scene of Confessions of a Shopaholic (Suze's bridesmaid dress) plus the background is so gorgeous

The ABC's of 2009 fashion game:

Relating to the subject of your blog, write the first thing that comes to your head when you see the letter.

A- Alber Elbaz (of Lanvin)
B- Balmain (how beautiful your military styles and crystalized shirt were last season.)
C - Chanel ("I die" when I watching Rachel Zoe explore Coco's apartment in Paris)
D - Don't touch the Olsens (That long list of rules you had to follow to meet the Olsen's at their book signing. (Influence great book, nice to look at) Actually don't touch the choo as well when H&M had another long list of rules on how to properly shop the collaberation with Jimmy Choo)
E - ELLE (the magazine who is both always amazing but also questionable for their daring choice of putting Britney Spears on this months cover)
F - Forever 21 (where I can go to find a cute skirt or Louis Vuitton knock-off chain links to match with my Marc Jacobs cardigan or Proenza heels - its all about mixing high and low right now)
G - Glossary (the glossary on to be exact.)
H- House of Gaga (she may be a freak, but she is a great plate for the clothes no other celebrity is interesting enough to mettre. Plus she knows what she's talking about)
I- I on the prize (keep motivated to every spare second on fashion)
J- Jason Wu (no one will forget the beautiful gown the most stylish first lady wore on inauguration night and the frenzy it produced)
K - Karl Lagerfeld (his pretty photography being just another 'hobby' for him much as it is our hobby to idolize the fashion juggernaut)
L - The Last Emperor (checking everyday to see if it would come to a theater near me. Of course it did, two days after I had left for New York)
M - MTV (the place where my absolute obsession 'Its on with Alexa Chung' was so tragically canceled just two weeks ago)
N - .nu (the best inspration on the web - - very exclusive!)
O - Olsen (Just my general love for all things Olsen, especially ashley and anything she wears she looks cool a true style icon. The success of Elizabeth and James and The Row this year)
P - Proenza Schouler (Possibly my number one preference for where I want my internship. Jack and Lazero are so talented and genius at what they do. Plus they are hilarious.)
Q - Queen and King of street style websites (Garance Dore and Scott Schuman)
R - Romance is back (in the spring '10 lines)
S - The September Issue (letting all of us not yet in with Anna Wintour into the inner working of the fashion Bible)
T - Too many studs? (there can never be too many studs. Proof? Those sick Jason Wu gloves
U - Utilitarian (the word I keep seeing about 20X in each issue of ELLE. overuse much.)
V - Very much anticipation for the next Sex and the City movie (for me anyway)
W - Wang's girls (the marvelous collection of models Alexander Wang has following him around)
X - X-tremly excited girls wanting to stay out all night and meet Wang, Belle, Olsen, Lohan and of course ANNA)
Y - Your favorite model Chanel Iman (she is so cool and chic)
Z - Zoe Kravitz - (cool party girl/it girl/ new model for favorite fragrence - Vera Wang, Glam Princess)

Quote of Yesterday:

"They may think that all it takes to do fashion is to be famous [but] you have to devote your life. You have to work hard. Imagine if I tell you I want to be a ballerina.... I can't jump two centimeters, but can I be in the opera and jump? No. So I let the ballerinas dance and the chef cook and the actor act and the designers design." - Alber Elbaz of Lanvin (on entertainers coming out with their own clothing lines) in an old WWD.
Hear that Selena, Miley, CoCo, Hilary, and Kate?
You really need this picture of the super talented designer to fully understand the vision of Alber as a ballerina.

Christmas Wishes:

It's finally that time of year when we should all be making lists of things we want to keep us warm (chanel furs) , to keep us pretty (Lanvin earrings), and to keep us sane (Balmain heels). Especially now when people seem to be able to afford less, designers are making us extremely unsatisfied with last years collections and causing us want even more (as if we didn't want it all before). My Christmas list goes like this:

Balmain Buckle-embellished suede boots
Marc Jacobs Leather Handbags: New Collection
Marc Jacobs

Opening Ceremony

Mixed Tier Mini Skirt
Proenza Schouler Lux Leather Wallet in Mazerine Blue
Proenza schouler

Vera Wang Glam Princess

Celebrity Fashion Lines:

When I first heard about the Miley & Max (Azria) line launching at Wal-Mart I though it was just some publicity stunt (which is it) for both of them and they'd have a few shirts with Miley's face on them or something and that because I don't exactly consider myself a Wal-Mart customer, I wouldn't care. A few months ago though I saw something about it in Seventeen and it was actually cute so I dragged myself (literally) over there and despite the overdoes of plaid, i really liked it, it was all cute basic (Miley/Max didn't have to do much actual designing) but still Miley-edgy stuff mostly for under $20 I just had to buy the whole collection! Plus the commercial is set to everyone's favorite song - Party in the USA.

a few of my new things:
Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Strapless Bow Bubble Party DressMiley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Leopard Skinny Jeans

Target finally sets up shop in NYC

Target is finally answering New York City's call and giving them a Target (even if its just a pop-up) for the season! 'target to go' is perfect for all your holiday shopping but the scene is sure to chaotic seeing as the already small store will only be open for two days. There will be two counters; you order at the first and pick it up at the second all wrapped and ready to go. How easy can it get? The best part being of course, Rodarte for Target will be available.

Target will be open December 11- 13 (10-8 both days) at Gansevoort st. & Washington (the high line)

  • there will also be making appearances in San Francisco and D.C.
  • Zac Posen for Target is unleashed April 25th

My Christian Louboutin's:

The shoe designer everyone and anyone knows who has truly given the feet of the world something to desire. He creates some of the highest heels possible but they are all so chic and tasteful no on could call them striper shoes. Seriously, if you don't know who he is you have some major outcast issue with the world.
Christian Louboutin Ni toi ni moi 120 suede boots
My absolute favorite pair ever, they look amazing and incredibly painful, but just like Rachel Green says, "I haven't been able to feel my feet in years" I have a crazy Friends obsession.
Christian Louboutin Miss Clichy 140 boots
Im really into the whole ankle boot trend right now, but you need super long legs to pull them off because they really do cut your leg off and could make you look stubby. They do give an edge to any outfit though. Wear this with a black short party dress that has volume at the skirt (leighton meester style). | Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 studded pumps
These make you feel like Alicia bitch long legs (Confessions of a Shopaholic- best series ever)
My first pair of Louboutins ever.

The Fashion Handbook:

If they say that VOGUE is the fashion bible then teenvogue is Harry Potter. Teenvogue just came out with a new book the Teenvogue Handbook. Its all about how to break into the industry and helpful tips from all sorts of industry insiders like stylists, designers, editors (anna wintour!) and photographers.
I just got mine 3 days ago and am already finished with it! Its was perfect for what I was looking for and I want almost everyone in there's job they all sound so great! Its not glamify-ing the job though, all of the interviewees talk about how they started as nothing at the very bottom getting coffee and organizing shelves and desks, fashion is a lifestyle career. If you want to get into fashion you have to be tireless, some nights you won't be going home and somedays you might be called into the office at 2AM. You have to REALLY love fashion to do this! Sometimes I already feel like I work in fashion sense I spend about 15 hours a day doing things related to my love of all things fashion.
This book is $25 and interviews 70 people (Tory Burtch, Proenza Scholar, Marc Jacobs, Chanel Iman, Phillip Lim, and many other amazing people)


You should all check out Jordi Labanda notebooks this week! They are so chic and great gifts or for making class that much less dull. I've been collecting them for a while and have way more than I could ever use in a singles persons' life time but I am truly obsessed with them. They just started selling a couple of them at Target they also have them at places like TJ Maxx and stationary shops. They come is different sizes- smalll, medium, and large- I love the large ones (thats what she said-lame sorry) the small ones annoy me sense they are so annoying to write on when your wrist keeps falling off the page. The paper inside is super nice to with boarders and a heading. The small ones cost about $3.00 and the large one can cost up to $15.

check out these new songs:

The new era of supermodels

Raised in Los Angeles, the super-skinny/obsess-worthy/gorgeous Chanel Iman Robinson, had begun modeling in all the major Paris fashion week shows by the time she was 15. I remember the first time I saw her on the cover of teenvogue a couple of years ago with three other (nobody now) models. This month 19-year old Chanel (somebody) Iman is c0-covergirl with pregnant model Jordan Dunne.
Her walk is so fierce (sorry just watched season 5 project runway) but her looks is so sweet and innocent how can any one resist? In a way she takes modeling as acting-which is really so important not just for models but for the whole industry because essentially what designers and editors are doing is pretending to be the client or the ideal girl they want to dress and seeing what she wants or how she would act (and what she would wear while doing it). Her off-duty style is also amazing and Im pretty sure she styles's it herself. This girl is going places for sure (actually she is pretty much already there, and she's staying)
In case you've been living under a rock Chanel is the one on the right.

Chanel Iman Paris.jpg
She is also currently dating a normal guy, featured in the new teenvogue handbook, dreams of starting a clothing line with her mom (who is not Iman), and is Phillip Lim's muse.

Megan Fox is Nylon's New Girl:

Megan Fox Nylon Magazine Picture
She is so pretty! Her picks for clothes were a bit rugged for my taste but she rocked them!

Megan Fox Nylon Magazine Pic
This one I like, its very New York style.
Megan Fox Nylon Magazine Photo
Love the white blazer, it adds pop to the otherwise boring outfit.

Moschimo Cheap & Chic SS10 show

I've seen almost all of the shows from fashion week and even though Moschimo cheap & chic didn't have the absolute best pieces, they had such a great feel to their show. Its was so feminine and fun it reminded me of cotton candy! Lately, I've been more of a ripped leggings as pants, leather jacket, and blazer kind of girl but I will be rethinking that look for Springtime as I shop the racks of Polyvore and net a porter!
(picture this with smaller top bows)

(why didn't I think of that?)

Emmy's Fashion

 Actress January Jones
January Jones was my wearing my favorite dress of the night, because of how trendy/futuristic the bodice was but how the skirt train was just so elegant and looked amazing on her as she walked. This dress was Atelier Versace.

Actually, I think I just changed my mind for the 15th time on which dress is my favorite. Leighton Meester, one of my all time favorite celebrities, I nearly die every time I meet her (she films Gossip Girl a lot near where I used to go to school). This dress looks so great on her! The Pleating is fabulous, the neckline is such a good length for her (unlike some other Gossip Girl star who took the 'plunge' way to far) and the different proportions and dark makeup bring just the right amount of edge to this Bottega Veneta dress to balance out the Blair Waldorf (who's closet I am also a fan of) and bring us that Leighton style we all love!

*Overall though, I must say I was rather disapointed with the night. The night seemed to drag on with Neil Patrick Harris as host and very few people willing to take fashion risks.

Fashion Week:

Its finally that time of year, when the September shows are starting and everyone (well me) gets that amazing feeling of excitement and intrigue as you see the gorgeous new clothing being strut down the runway on impossibly perfect girls. This the shows at New York fashion week are the last as the iconic Bryant Park tents work their final season! The shows will be moved to another park near Lincoln Center where there is more space available and more rooms for designers to hold pre/post show parties. September is the month where literally thousands of stylish, important, fashionistas fly around the world to all the different shows at the fashion capitals of the world: New York, Paris, Milan, and London. I am so looking forward to seeing all the exciting new options for Sprint 2010!

Fashion's Night Out: sept. 10, 2009

Thursday night, as we all know, was Fashion's Night Out. F.N.O. was something that Anna Wintour had come up with as a way to boost fashions economy (helping Vogue in the long run of course) in these so called hard time. The night will deffenitly go down in fashion's history- if only for the fact that it is the largest shopping even in New York ever. Although stores were open until 11 PM, you could never have had the chance to hit all of the one you wanted to stop at and because there was just so much going on everywhere! Some people have been asking what is so special about it.
Well, more like what WASN'T special about it! Designers were coming up with special one night only limited edition designs, there were celebrities galore - shopping, meeting, signing, and even cooking. So what exactly did you miss if you weren't there? Well:

  • A Duet at Oscar De La Renta, by Barbra Walters, Sarah Jessica Parker, Betty Midler, and Oscar himself
  • Victoria Beckham signing autographs - Bergdorf
  • Isaac Mizrahi gave a lecture on fashion - Bergdorf
  • AndrĂ© Leon Talley also speaking - Bergdorf
  • My personal all-time crush Milo Ventimiglia - Bergdorf
  • Zac Posen spray painting dresses on the models in the window - Bergdorf
  • Mark Badgley and James Mischka signing autographs - Bergdorf
  • Alright I can't write Bergdorfs anymore so Ill be refering to it as B.G.
  • Manolo Blahnik autographing at B.G.
  • My all time idols Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen serving cocktails (yes, actually serving them) - B.G.
  • Lindsey Lohan Shopping - Bloomingdales (uptown one)
  • Grace Coddington doing autographs - Bloomingdales
  • Gwen Stephani autographing her perfume - Bloomingdales
  • Rodarte designers - Barneys
  • Jck McCulloug and Larenzo Hernandez (designers of Proenza Scholar) - Barneys
  • Ruben and Isabel Toledo signing copies of their book - Barneys (and don't miss the FIT museum exhibit on Isabel Toldedo which is only open for another month)
  • Charlize Theoron signing copies of her new Vogue cover issue, september 2009- Barneys
  • Iman shopping - Christian Dior
  • Camilla Belle looking so pretty at Ralph Lauren - Madison Ave.
  • Model Bar Rafaeli at Ralph Lauren - Madison Ave.
  • New designing duo Sienna and Savanah Miller at Intermix - Prince St.
  • Rihanna wearing the SICKEST glasses ever at Intermix - Prince St.
  • Michael Uri (Mark on Ugly Betty) at Prada - Broadway
  • Kate Hudson at Stella McCartney signing Tee shirts.
  • Taylor Momsen, who I usually like, looking particularly like she is trying hard to be sluty but ended up looking like she just got out bed and is seriously hung-over. and a new long hair style which seems to have not been brushed in day. Preforming at the TeenVogue fashion show
  • Roberto Cavalli doing autographs at his own boutique
  • Kenneth Cole playing the electric guitar at Kenneth Cole - 57th Street
  • Lucy Lui shoppping at Alexander McQueen
  • Tory Burch at Tory Burch - little west 12th street (how many times has that street name confused me)(there was also a little block party in front of the store)
  • Nicky Hilton at Valentino
  • Elie Tahari at Elie Tahari
  • Francisco Costa (Calvin Klien designer) at Lord & Taylor
  • Brooklyn Decker at the Rachel Rachel Roy pop-up store in Soho
  • Graffiti artist at Rachel Rachel Roy, decorating the clothes, the store even had an old-fashioned ice cream tuck outside.
  • Rachel Zoe at Armani/Ristorante
  • Anna Wintour, EVERYWHERE - the 'ice queen' was seem at multiple stores all around the city. How she did all of that is beyond me. Just another reason why she is who I aspire to be.
So what did people where to Fashion's Night Out? Not the official Tee shirt of course (which I pretty much live in right now) which was available prior to the event in stores all around New York and online. A percent of the proceeds from the Shirt go to the National September 11th Memorial. Most shoppers, designers, and models wore their own cocktail party-approved outfits:

Fashion's Night Out

What I'm Reading Right Now

Inside Girl: Flan Flood is pretty much living my (an many other girls') dream life. Living pretty much alone in her West Village Town House able to anything she feels like doing, she is partially famous, has 2 best school friends, tons of famous friends, one of whom is living across the street, enough money and connections to get anything that she wants, and the perfect boyfriend. But she is still down-to-earth and not one of those people where  are so stuck-up you just want to throw your book out the window.
 Inside Girl (Insiders Novels)Perfect Match: An Inside Girl Novel

The A-List: Hollywood Royalty: I never really got into the first A-list series, there were just too many people to keep track of which one which was hooking up with plus I just couldn't find the need to care. But this new series by Zoey Dean is actually really good. Basically there's this good, JoJo who is from Sacramento but when her Dad's (plural) decide to move to Iceland, JoJo doesn't want to go. So the Dad's send her off to her birth parents who just happen to live in L.A. and just happen to be the Brangelina of fiction. When JoJo enrolls in BHH (Beverly Hills High) her new sister does everything she can to make sure JoJo stays on the bottom of the social ladder.
Hollywood Royalty (A-List by Zoey Dean: Book Cover

House of Harlow

House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Button Earrings
House of Harlow has the same hippie-esq but expensive look as designer of the line Nicole Richie named after her first daughter. When I fist saw a few pieces from the collection I wasn't very interested... but the other day I was online shopping and came across some of the pieces and they are actually something I would love to wear! Nicole Richie is one of my top choices in closets I would love to raid - now she never leaves the house with at least piece from her own line making people want part of her style staples. The best part is that you feel as though your getting a part of Nicole's style at a totally affordable price!
House of Harlow 1960 Black Resin Necklace

The September Issue

 Just saw the preview of The September Issue, a documentary featuring Anna Wintour and the making of The september issue of VOGUE  2007 ("September is the January of Fashion"). I am beyond excited to see this movie. Set to be released September 11. Although Anna Wintour is a bit scary at some times (Miranda Preisley's charechter in the Devil Wears Prada is said to be modeled after Anna herself) she is also a very driven woman who deserves all she has. I personally find Anna an inspiration and even icon of fashion in our time. As she said in 60 minutes ["I just want to get everything done properly and if people fell that I am a bitch while doing that, well I'm sorry."] More on Anna later. 

"Fashion is a religion, VOGUE is the bible."

The Perfect Shopping List for 2009

This is the ultimate general and specific shopping list, for you to be the most stylish girl in town!

1) Lace Tights (to go under an oxford shirt or a basic denim dress to spice things up)(

2) White Sweatshirt (To go over any seemingly basic outfit to add a trendy piece)

3) Bodysuit or one piece bathing suit (can always wear UNDER a pair of shorts for a effortlessly trendy beachy look preferably colorful)

4) Cool Tea Gloves (Always chic or funky, Michael Jackson or Queen Elizabeth II)

5) Ankle Boots (Even though they seen super trendy, they actually are timeless - I mean think about it even though they are in ALL the magazines right now, if you look back 3 years ago they have a few pairs here and there to... and they set you apart - although I am really loving the over the knee look coming out now.)

6) Oversized Elastic Belt (Made to wear high-waited, and please people if you are a bit larger - you know who you are - this trend is not for you, it highlights your waist which is so perfect right now for all of those cute little dresses that seem to drown your perfectly toned body in bolts and bolts of printed silk)

7) Ripped Skinny Jeans (Just remember we want torn not slashed, slashed is trashy and much to '90s for my taste- These jeans are so edgy and spot on but also go with just about anything which, if you are like me at all, is very helpful when you have to choose an outfit in five minutes flat)
( she looks amazing in these!

8) Knee High Solid Dark stockings (To wear correctly: either with a short girly skirt and strappy shoes (heels or flats) they look best if just pulled to height right UNDER your knee but if you aren't tall enough just over your knee- never have them in the middle of knee, this is just awkward. The other way to wear them is under tall boots with them just peeking out)

9) White oversized Tee shirt dress (over cutout tights with either a colorful elastic belt and top part bubbles over belt a bit OR with an embelished large necklace and a skinny belt matching shoes slung loosely around hips)(althouhg right now, neon colors would be even better)

10) Boyfriend Blazer (just really cool. makes anyone look chic and trendy. Great if you wear shorts that are shorter than the jacket under, as long as the shorts are visible so you don't look too sluty)

11) Leather Mini and Shorts (also edgy and flattering -this generation's pencil skirt - but this item MUST be paired with soft feminine tops/cardigans) 

12) Menswear Inspired Vest (J.Crew does some great ones but Band of Outsiders has the best overall menswear for women brand - which may be expensive but worth it.)

13) Baret (Gives you something to look at when your having a blah day. Cute always. PRONOUNCE PROPERLY) 

14) Yellow Skirt (What a great way to brighten up your day! I'm going to say solid to match so much but this season prints are in, why not try a creative new print by Marc) 

15) Fringe Boots  (Brown. I went all the way around New York City to try and find the perfect pair of fringe boots but I found only two I even considered but of corse they had none in my size! I mean really? NEW YORK CITY HAD NO GOOD FRINGE! I guess its because I am a fashion designer I always hear about trends and design the perfect way I want it in exactly my style and of course nothing is just like it, actually that happens a lot with me.. with a motercycle jacker, all to shiny or too loose in the arms or tight in the arm holes)

16) Oxford shirt (Lovely if worn oversized and over a tank top- unbuttoned and belted)

17) High Waisted Khaki Skirt (wear with belt over high waisted part, and have large short parts and cuffed)

18) Tie-dye Leggings (to be worn with thick black and white horizontal stripes and black shoes)

19) Lace Slip (To go under dress or skirt)

20) Easy Slip on Flats (to go with anything for an effortlessly chic and put together look) 

21) Black Thin Cardigan (Belt it for cool fall day and a office appropriate look)

22) Long Loose Tank (To flow over skinny jeans or to tuck into a tight short skirt/shorts to bubble over for a girly-punk look)

23) Low Top Converse (To dress down an outfit for a less formal affair)(Not to be worn with anthing other that a dress or skinny jeans. White ones look back with shorts - cut off your leg visually)

24) Skinny Belt (to be worn with tunic and skorts, layer it over tunic loosely above hip level so it moves a bit when you walk)

25) Brooch (Bright loose thin material-ed top unbuttoned pretty low, then brooch together where very top button would be so you have a victorian inspired keyhole look. Wear only with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans)

26) Black Skinnies (skinny jeans. Dark)

27) Bright Red Sweater (For those days you don't feel like dressing up, in this bright and forever 'in' color all eyes will still be turned towards you!)

28) Off white Tube scarf (drape it over a white T-shity, and bright red shorts and flats that are red, white and clear - wore this outfit in a dream last night, pretty weird i know.)

Every season trends change, colors go out of style,  people grow tired of past fads and move on to new ones. However, one item has truly passed the test of time, every season sense any of us can remember a form of this piece has always been considered in style. This timeless piece is the 'LBD' or the Little Black Dress. Almost every designer has had a version of it featured in their collections because buyers always feel safe buying them sense a customer can dress it UP or DOWN anyway they want to make it match what is 'in' in the industry. This particular A/W 2009-2010 season the little black dress has taken on a much more dramatic and darker (yes, the black dress just got darker)  take showing that fashion really does reflect the times and can be a primary source for history. The LBD was first seen by masses when Audrey Hepburn wore one designed by Hurbert De Givenchy accessorized perfectly with a simple string of pearls in Breakfast at Tiffanys. However, even before that Gabrielle Coco Chanel introduced it in 1926 as a chic-est dress you could wear anywhere from cocktail parties to a day at work. In the '20s this was groundbreaking because not only could it be worn by all women but also it was the first time for a while black had been used for anything but mourning. Throughout the years the little black dress has be shortened, lengthened, cutout, accessorized, poufed, sashed, ripped, strapped, and so much more (even the color black has 42 different variations).  My personal favorite LBD of the season is Lodices silk jersey dress which can be worn with almost everything.

Pradas new A/W 2009-2010 ad campaign

Ever sense Prada opened their doors in Milan,Italy-1913 their ads have always been able to give something different and new to the fashion industry. This year the Italian fashion house has gone even farther with their recently launced A/W 2009-2010 ad for the accessory collection. This unique darker ad was shot by famed fashion photographer Steven Meisel, who  in addition to working with American and Italian Vogue, has done all of the brand's ad campaigns sense 2004. This new accessory collection includes many trendy items such as luxe cutout boots as well as seemingly timeless quaint clutches and smart glasses. The ad features four models: Katlin Aas (who opens and closes for this seasons Prada shows), Julia Hafstrom, Kendra Spears (20-year who is supposed to be the main focus of the ad), and Ymre Stiekema. This ad is edgier than others including other ones previously shot by Steven Meisel for Prada because of its edgier take on the collection. It is shot with the girls posing as fisher women in  'black waters'. The black waters and boats as well as heavy dark makeup create a backdrop for the clothing and accessories so that they are able to stand out and look as dramatic as possible to the consumers. The ad also stands for the darker times of the economy right now featuring the products as a light in the dark. All in all the A/W 2009-2010 is a bit of everything we need for this coming season's in.

H&M Fall '09 Collection

H&M may be best  known for its low budget knockoffs, but he Swedish company has finally turned towards high fashion for their upcoming collections. These pieces will be making their debut in select stores for the Fall '09 collection. hundreds of  as-yet-undisclosed pieces will be featuring bold shapes, '80s inspired layering, leather, and even lace. The collection is modeled by the french born internationaly rising star Sigrid Agren. Recently H&M has also been reaching out to a broader client base in the fashion world.  H&M does this by  teaming up with well known designers to create limited time only lines at the prices their current customers are able to afford, even in times when the economy is as awful as it is right now. Previous collaborations H&M had with designers have included: Matthew Wiliamson, Karl Lagerfeld (designer of Chanel, Fendi, and Karl Lagerfeld), Roberto Cavalli, Voktor &Rolf, Madonna, Stella McCartney, and Comme Des Garcons. Their most recent and exciting collaboration is with famed shoe designer Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo (real name: Jimmy Chow) got his start in 1988 when VOGUE did an eight-page spread on the designer and his high-quality shoes. Jimmy Choo shoes are normally $500-$1000 and up, but the designers H&M line (which is not actually designed by Choo -he is now retired but he still represents the brand) will feature 12 different styles of shoes with prices ranging from $55- $138 and bags who's average price is $276. The line is described to be "a fun accessible flash for a moment in time". I am already looking forward to shopping for my fall pieces even we are still is summer.

My favorite: (the one on the right)



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