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Don't you love it when

Don't you love it when you buy something and later see it on a celebrity or TV show? I got this Forever 21 cardigan a few weeks ago and saw it on American Idol this week, worn by ex-contestant Janell Wheeler(the one in the really bright sweater). I usually wear it in a more 'Blair' way, as in over lots of dresses and draped not buttoned.
who got voted off American idol season 9


i don't even know what to say, these are sick as in two ways. One, they are amazing - two, they are so insane but i don't know if wearing Christ pinned to the cross is quite appropriat to be wearing under your feet even in the day and age. I would never wear them but would be completely in awe of anyone who does.

Trend to Try:

Bright pink lips!
Buy Lady GaGa's new Viva Glam lipstick and apply 4 times over lips for the best shade. I am obsessed with this no-fuss but really glamourous look. You'll deffiently stand out this Spring

Trend to Try:

I love this summers new sunglasses shape. Very '60s retro but still very wearable, kinda reminds me of something Rachel Zoe would wear. Above, Drees glasses are Giles and bottom picture is one of the current Prada campaigns.

Although these glasses are sick, they very easily become too costume-y if worn with any bright prints . Leave the bright colored rims for the beach.
"Magic becomes a way to empowers the powerless....Magic takes you away and shows you a better life. it is often a agent of transformation, a way of changing ordinary things into something marvelous."
How much do you love this Vanessa Bruno SS'10 video? It reminds me of the movie I saw last night, Cheri, which was beautiful the only thing was that at the very end Cheri, kind of randomly, kills himself.

die laughing?

HA. i love them. I can't believe
a) how little michelle tunred out into these girls that are complete geniuses in fashion, business, entertainment, and managing to have a life on the side.
b) how they actually look the same as when they were 10 (size and face)

Selena Gomez in 3.1

Flipping through channels today when I saw Selena Gomez in her 'naturally' music video. At first I though it was a bit lame style-wise. Its just another reason that I think Los Angeles and New York, though in the same country, might as well be on different planets considering fashion.
So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this little Philip Lim top that I was so obsessed with for a bit when it first came out! I've seen it on other celebrities (with more edge if you will) but never on Disney! I actually love how they styled it with that lace glove and skinnies. I am impressed.

i love Alex on Wizards and how she just doesn't care

more style inspirations:

Wow these shoes a KILLER! Not sure about the top ones but the 2nd ones are Balmain and the last ones are Balenciaga and come in black as well.

Saturday morning style:

Vacation starts today, one week of fun in the sun in Palm Beach!

very lookbook-esq. you need a one-shoulder body suit and a matching bow after seeing this don't you?

The Alexander Coco bag AND a great pair of over-the-knee boots? Why am I not you?

I love her expression. and of course the Miu Miu shoes that I am head over heels (literally) for

I love shopping for summer clothes and bathing suit. This '50 style is exactly what I am looking for as a right now for the beach!

This looks way better on her than K-Stewart. Swoon...

Update: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

Just blogged about this the other day but I have new picture I felt must be shared with you:
(Photos via: Style Scrapbook)
I was just browing few a few blogs when I ran through these, and of course did a double take and took in a sharp breath of excitment when I saw these photos. Which of course, caused every other passenger to glare at me.
"Well you know what Mr. Suit? I don't think you even know who Sonia Rykiel is!"
but of course I didn't say this because
a) that is the lamest insult ever
b) im pretty sure he could beat me up

Loving all the bright colors, and PS- the line is actually designerd by Sonia's daughter Nathalie!
I often wonder if we like things less (or more) only because of the brand name or what Anna thinks of it(Anna Wintour of course) I mean Alexander Wang tees are very comfortable and his relaxed aesteic makes him one of the coolest guys in New York right now, but when I see something very similar in a magazine from Khols or something, I may think its cute but I don't really feel the same excitement I would if it were by say... Jason Wu.
But one thing I do know is that, though Chanel may have put them on the runway, and Alexa Chung may consider them a cool go-to shoe, I will NOT get into the clog trend. Never. I pledge on the March issue of VOGUE to never own another pair of clogs (first time being ones from GAP when I was about 8 or 9) no batter WHAT Karl says. Although under all other circumstances Karl knows best. IN the end double C's can only do so much and who wants to walk around in wooden shoes anyway?

not moving!

You know how a ton of bloggers have been moving from blogger to tumblr because of how much easier it is? Well they are all clearly on something because it is not! I wanted to check it out because as much as I like blogger my blog is quite cluttered and I hate having .blogger. at the end of my URL. Oh well... I guess my blog resmbles the beautiful mess that is fashion? No? Ok well, it was pretty good for someone who hasn't slept in nearly three days!

I want to do this to my eyes! Just another idea for my list of beauty things to try.
Im thinking of doing the Thakoon hair tomorrow!

L.I.F. is crushing on...

☆Live in fashion ☆ wants these:
(photo via JakandJil)
This is the coolest thing.. I want to wear this Givenchy headband right now and look intimidating.
Alexander McQueen Spring 2010
I don't think you can ACTUALLY buy these right now but I bet they will release them pretty soon due to.... recent events ( :[ ) Im sure they are close to impossible to wear - models left runway shows REFUSING to walk in them. Really? if models can't manage how are us mortals going to do it? (PS- Lady GaGa is not a mortal) How much are they anyway?

Jeffrey Campbell Is Making Me Tick | Vancouver Fashion + Style Blog | demiCouture "Jeffrey Campbells studded wedges" by Chiara Ferragni
a winter bootie! Jeffrey Campbell, they are pretty cheap. Kick-ass sculptured studded heel, I love the open toe bootie trend! I saw these babies on The Blonde Salad blog, one of my favorite blogs, and fell in love, and of course I had to order a pair!
Sass & Bide Your Voice silk-satin dress
The cutouts are so sick! The whole thing is gorgeously sophisticated-summer. Like the skirt, but would probably take the bubble-ness out... and change the color of the middle applique. Oh, this is Sass & Bide by the way.

Garance Dore

garance dore
(photo by me)

new camera!

finally got a new camera today! some random picture of my collages...

Sea of Shoes

Three of my favorite looks by Sea of shoes. you should go check it out this girl has amazing style and of course, terrific shoes! (just take in those Balenciaga shoes on the bottom they make me want to kneel to their prettyness. and those sleeves in the middle picture are insanity
Sex and the city part 1

What I want to wear to out... love that Zac Posen dress with those gorgeous flats and chunky bangles!

style tip - skirts over dresses

(set by me)

trend watch - this look has a more downtown princess kind of feel to it. It's unique to a point where its fashionable but not runway trendy. To get it right the dress should be pretty tight otherwise it can end up looking like a apron. I'd say either the skirt or the dress (or both) need to be in a dark color and no bright makeup so you don't look to girly or middle-schoolish.

raven symone @ fashion week?

Click the image to open in full size.
Please tell me fashion week isn't so desperate that they are relying on ex-disney stars to be models for D-list (minus Heidi Klum) events? I actually was wondering about what raven was doing this morning- they were selling that's so raven valentines day cards at Hallmark. She was a model for The Heart truth fashion show February 11, she looks good but kind of old for a 20-something girl.

BCBGMaxAzria F/W 2010
Designer Max Azria's Fall/Winter show, was one of the very first to kick off New York fashion week 2010 (good bye Bryant Park!) It was all beautifully tailored with a modern edge. Although I liked that it was wearable and loose it wasn't very memorable. The whole show passed by very quickly as if it was a blur of black and white interchangeable silhouettes. Good for your day-to-day wardrobe but nothing particularly special. I give it a 3 out of 5.

ELLE (US) March 2010

A few sots from the surfer inspired shoot(much like the ELLE AU version). Model: Shannan Click photographed by Laurie Bartley. I have always so against tie-dye but now its being done right instead of looking like a camp project from when I was 7! I'm liking all the cotton fabrics which are everywhere for summer- sure to bring the overall dress code down a little for hot summer nights (always a plus when your swear doesn't drip into your drink awkwardly)

Angeline Melin

angéline mélin: mars 2008
Angeline Melin does amazing fashion illustrations and posts tons of them on her blog: which is in french but the pictures are worth looking through. She has a unique drawing style - very cute Parisian. She does a lot of blog headers for other popular style blogs and exhibits. Anyone else wish they could draw like that?


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