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Snow day! No school tomorrow :]

Is It Wrong...?

to want to stay at home just looking at fashion rather than going out most nights?

to want the tattoo everyone wants? (a peace sign on my left wrist)

to notice people's shoes bags and dresses before I notice THEM?

to spend hours reading just one magazine to take it all in?

drawing all the time and spend about 5 minutes sewing?

to spend long hot summer days following the Gossip Girl cast around New York City? (I'm thinking this actually is wrong)

to want my own reality TV show?

to love watching classic disney movies AND sex and the city?

to not like the beach but own about a million bathing suits?

to love fashion more than anything (except family)?

Nothing like the weekend...

"Up in the club with a bottle of red wine,
Stars in their eye 'cuz they're having a good time,
eh, eh, so happy I could die."
-Lady Gaga

Friday night and I'm snowed in. But I am having such a great time sitting in my bed, reading about a billion fashion blogs and doing some much needed online shopping while watching Gilmore Girl reruns. There is nothing like the weekend. I never seem to have time on the weekdays with my studying and sketching all day so my weekends are jam-packed with enough fashion-highs to last me throughout those dreaded school days.
To do this weekend: finish reading the Garance Dore archives (I breeze through the earlier french translations what with my extensive french II education), watch this weeks American Idol auditions, attempt to work on this blog, come up with thousands of brilliant new ideas for design, work on my (faux) British accent, and watch tons of street style videos online.
Bon nuit
(a la French VOGUE)

Miss. Alexa Chung

I wanted to write a post about how amazing Alexa Chung is. But then I realized that there are no words to show you entirely how cool she is. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so heres a million... (which doesn't even begin to describe it) P.S. I am completely crushed about the end of Its On With Alexa Chung. I am pretty sure that almost every girl whos her can relate when I sat I want to BE her. She is British, hilarious, gorgeous, and VOGUE best dressed of 2009 and one of the least awkward people I know/(wish I knew).

what the stars of valentines day should wear to the premiere

Anne Hathaway:
This is kind of the in between for her, she is usually either dressed to the 9s in ball-gowns or couture or shes walking around in Jeans and a tee shirt. This works because its trendy, chic, and still appropriot for a premiere. Alexander Wang dress, Pucci heels, Alexander McQueen clutch

Emma Roberts:

She is kind of the opposite of Anne because her style tends to be more generic Los Angeles teenager. But I think she could really pull off a high fashion look. Especially this one, she has the perfect frame for the bold shoulders not to completely overwealm her and the bright yellow dress keeps the whole look young. Balmain jacket, Fred Flare dress, Proenza heels.

Taylor Swift:
This because I dont think she has ever worn a Herve Ledger and all 20 year old should get to wear a Herve Ledger at least once. I wish the jewelry was silver because it would match better. pretend all the gold here is silver. I just had to have her wearing those Miu Miu flats because they are just so amazing and she is one of the few entertainers who are tall enough to pull off flats on the red carpet. That Chanel bag is so chic but it tones down the outfit a bit and makes it more street style glam which is what I was going for here. Herve Ledger dress, Chanel bag, Miu Miu flats, Valentino earring.

Jessica Alba:

This is kind of the same style she usually wear because I love her style. Its adorable just like her, I wouldn't change it. This is just a little more fashoion-y than hollywood-y. Givenchy heels, House of Harlow ring, Alexander McQueen leather bracelet, camilla and marc dress (i added the shoulder pads).

What is a teen sleuth supposed to wear?

Today, while shopping, I noticed a new trend theme in a lot of stores accessories. Nancy Drew-esq hats, gloves, and even magnifying glasses in a few. I used to love reading about Nancy Drew and her best friends Bess and George solving mysteries. The Nancy Drew style I always imagined was classic (she would be a loyal J.Crew customer) with an air of mystery. They are still writing them but the older ones are the best (original author Carolyn Keene died about 10 years ago) There was that Emma Roberts movie a few years ago based on the series which in a way made fun of bookish Nancy but really got her style perfectly.

my collection of Nancy Drew books:

A lot of them are coming apart now, but some of them are over 50 years old

Megan Fox

This is my attempt at drawing Megan Fox from her ELLE photoshoot for the June 2009 issue.

The greatest pair of oxfords:

As you can tell from my recent post, I am really into the whole menswear for women trend but I never really liked the idea of girls wearing oxford. I thought it was all a bit weird. But lately I have changed my mind, I mean they go with everything they look professional enough for the office and they can be just really sexy. I like the heel version with the open toe especially. The silver ones are also really cool but are rather hard to pull off (if worn wrong they have a high possibility of looking like tap shoes) To play it safe with your first pair, I would go with plain white ones with a something feminine (like cutouts) like those at the bottom of this post from . To be worn with skinny jeans, short skirts (looks best if the skirt is brightly colored or baby blue) and looser tops.

Style Icon: Chloe Senigny

Has anyone else been noticing Chloe Sevigny's style lately? I find her style inspiring because she is so unafraid to take risks, and be one of the few women to actually wear the clothes straight off the runway. She has that normal girl on the street kind of look, its a New York style which is kind of vintangy, bold and unique but also trendy. Her line for Opening Ceremony reflects that well so it no surprise that the line has done so well (my favorite were the buckle wedges which have been worn by other fashionistas like Mary-Kate Olsen and Alexa Chung as well as Chloe herself). These are some of my favorite of her looks:

Quote of the day

"I don't do fahion, I am fashion." - Coco Chanel

The Girl who dreams about Proenza and Prada

I had a dream about this bag last night (yes, i do dream about fashion even when i am asleep) I was wearing it with this amazing black cocktail dress and nude colored flats (prada i think) Anyway, this bag goes with pretty much everything and its the perfect size (i prefer oversized bags) too fit magazine, gum, money and all your other daily needs in. Its a little price-y ($1,675) but its the type of bag that should last you more than a few seasons and still be in. Compare to the Mulberry Alexa (named after style icon, the amazing Alexa Chung) bag (see below) which is a little less expensive but looks quite a bit (a bit too much actually) similar to the Proenza one.

Top shoes of 2009

Miu Miu flats - $550


Alexander McQueen
Christian Louboutin
Burberry Prorsum - $525

Christian Louboutin bondage booties

Christian Louboutin - $1.445

Marc Jacobs - $450

Givenchy - $1,050

Acne - $599

Balmain - $1,250

67th Golden Globes style review

Emily Blunt: Love this! Basic but elegant, this Dolce and Gabana dress is very form fitting but classy on Emily Blunt. The top part reminds me of that alexander wang dress (which BeBe copied and put in their ads). The color looks amazing on her and fits her perfectly (as well as this seasons trends - chiffon layers and neutral colors)

Annalynn McCord: Even though I think this dress by Lloyd Klein is more suited for a halloween party, the dress itself (minus the grabbing hands) is pretty, drapes well and suits her. What doesn't-she could be a model! That clutch is ugly though (rule not meant to be broken, please don't war silver AND gold at once they clash and make you look class-less) and I don't understand the fabric wrapped around her arm.

Ashley Olsen: I just love all things Ashley Olsen. Thats all.
Thats not the dress I would have chosen but I love those Manolos and the color of her Erdem dress, the perfect contrast to the rest of her!

Ashley Tisdale: This one is one of my favorite after party dresses, mostly because Im a complete sucker for fringe and leopard shoes. The bottom part of this Diane Von Fursternburg was young and fun like Ashley (who is 24) but the top was old looking (more than sophisticated which she was probably going for) and made her look slightly orange (literally)

Christina Agularia: When I first saw Christina walk onto the stage with this Versace dress on, I could only see the skirt part which I am not a fan of, she couldn't pull off the one bold hip look like Drew (below) but then when the camera focused on the top part, blocking out the hideous skirt, I loved all that detailing and the beautiful corset shape highlighing her nearly perfect body.

Drew Barymoore: Just like with Christina, when I first saw drew in this Atelier Versace dress I had doubts about weather she could pull it off or not. I mean come on this girl is so iffy - one second she's out shopping in too-tight cameo and head gear and another she is looking completely gorgeous in her glamourous Covergirl ad. She took ended up looking great though

Glee Cast: Even though I can't stand the show Glee, I love this black Oscar de la Renta(the king of the red carpet) dress on the girl Im pretty sure from my one episode watching is named Rachel.

Random Lady: Loving the boho vibe here, but its golden globe acceptable with the floor length and glittery bodice.

Vanessa Hudgens: looks amazing in her after party Alberta Ferretti dress with a hippie-esq feel but fun and flirty because of the length and pretty heels.

Zoe Saldana: One of the star actors in the night's big winner (Avatar) looked quite adorable in this dress. The color and cut look great on Zoe Saldana but more interesting to look at than most other dresses of the night. And its Louis Vuitton. MJ=genius forever.

Alexis in WWD

I know I'm pretty late on this - I can remember reading my copy of WWD Accessory reports last summer when I was so phyced to go see Rory Gilmore's new movie Post Grad. She is a model now (signed with IMG I think) as well as an actress and has been working on a few things lately but nothing reaching nearly as high as Gilmore Girl proportions (just watched a few episodes of season 4 last night). I was very surprised to see this article though seeing as I suppose I consider her to actually BE Rory and she would sooner marry Logan, or have a heart attack before posing in these Gaga-inspired looks. Of course, she still looks gorgeous and if I hadn't known her as Rory I could probably see her as any other Brooklyn-based model and not think twice about it. Although she looks a tad bit awkward in some of these pictures (not nearly as awkward and distracted as her playing with all those wires and necklaces of Alexa Chung embedded below)

This one especially looks like she is trying to move on from the Gilmore days (not that Post Grad helped her do that) but I love how she looks in this outfit even though its so far out of her style comport zone. Plus the side pony was everywhere then (marc jacobs, nyc street corners, even on me)

I love this outfit- the whole look is very New York glam. My favorite piece is the Louis Vuitton necklace which I am still obsessed with (especially this one with the neon studs) even now that the style has trickled down to Forever 21.

I love the way the dress works on her and makes her look like a Jane Austen's charachter. The gloves go so well bringing this summery look into fall. Plus I am also in love with this Louis Vuitton clutch which although I can't afford I have used in more than a few Polyvore sets!

(alexis on alexa)


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