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"As a child, although I saw little of her, I fell in love with my mother's beauty, longing to be close to her, but there was nobody home. And later, when Naney Morgan manipulated me to fear her, I obsessed about her, conflicted by feelings of anger and hostility, yet wanting her love and approval. Estranged from her until mid-life, when I found the courage to reconcile with her, she stood before me as a stranger, tentative, passive... We never came to know each other before she died three years later, but not a day passes that I do not think about her, and as I do, my relationship with her keeps changing. Perhaps she was only capable of loving her twin sister Thelma, the mirror image of herself." - Gloria Vanderbilt



Amanda Brooks (I heart your style)
CFDA Awards, NYC
June 6, 2011


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I dont't know whether to be excited or sad for the coming of July. On one hand its Harry Potter premiere and the midnight showing. But on the other hand it means one less month in the city and the knowing that there will never be another Harry Potter movie to look forward to!

Karen Elson in Valentino.
June 13, 2011

its coming nearer.

micky coasters.

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Alexa Chung arriving where I walk by almost everyday!


Astrid Burges-Frisbey
Cannes, France

Shoes of the CFDAs

all photos taken by me



Happy Birthday 25th birthday to my two idols. I really hope that I will one day get to work with you. It was great meeting you last week, but please please don't have that image of me be the one you remember.
To many many more.

Happy Birthday (mentally dating)

good good

I have had literally one of the best weeks of my life this week. First I see the Olsens for the first time in real life, I hug Marc Jacobs, and shake Michael Kors hand and then I work (for a 13 hour day) on my first lookbook shoot which happened to include me following around one of my favorite designers and making sure he was good at all times.
I love life this week.
OH. and today I am going to the times square Harry Potter props exhibit which will probably be amazing.

Street Style: Erin Fetherston

Taking photos without looking creepy is a lot harder than it looks.

my feet literally hurt so much.


top, Forever 21; skirts, H&M; shoes, Nine West

When I am old enough to live (and afford) my own apartment, my top location choice would be Greenwhich Village(and preferably Bleecker Street). My attraction to the area didn't really start until after I had moved out of the city, but it has become where I am found spending most of my down time. Its not in any way on the way near places that would make sense for me to be, so thats not the reason. The only plausable explination for what the reason might be is that the people in the area seem to have the most similar style to my own. One of my favorite activities is sitting in Washington Square Park with a crepe from the nearby creperie and watching people and their outfits for hours. Its amazing to see what some people wear around the city. From studded Burberry jackets to pink Marant pants to trash bags. In the past few weeks I have really seen the limits of fashion on both ends of the spectrum.
I have also been working on a pretty extensive list of my favorite blogs as well as some of the top industry players of fashion for some friends. If anyone would be interested in it, just send me an email (contact info below) and I'd be happy to send you a copy. I may not be much help in studying for a math final, but when it comes to fashion, I can assure you I know what I am talking about.

Drinking Whipped Cream.

I turned 17 last week! Its been a pretty interesting week for me full of weirldly worrying threats to my health. A couple of days ago I was sitting, waiting for the bus, when all of a sudden a bird just FELL from the sky, hit the pavement, and like, combusted. IT JUST FELL OUT OF NOWHERE! I thought it was a bottle someone had dropped out a window by accident or something, because I wasn't paying attention- I was reading Something Borrowed, but I looked over and it was this little bird on the pavement with its insides laying all around it (sorry about the graphics but it was so WEIRD!) Then the week ended with a massive sunburn, getting hit very hard on the head with a metal pole, and a little Scotty McCreery.
I went to the Today Show last week to see Scotty McCreery (the new American Idol) and the unwelcome guest/idol reject Lauren something or other. I'm not really a big fan of American Idol since all of the changes but I was especially disappointed this season with the girl's fashion. I just feel that if they know they're going to be on national television they should at least try and make an effort. And Lauren: SPARKLES ON SPARKLES IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Besides GaGa the concert series seems a little weak this summer, but I am excited to see The Script and Selena Gomez coming up soon!


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Caroline Mason: 21. Native New Yorker (and one time North Carolinian). Assistant to Derek Blasberg. Just a girl who is OCD about all things fashion, drinks way too much coffee, and has an affinity for late night talk shows and travel books. FIT class of 2016. Previously with Karla Otto PR, Lori Goldstein and Lester Garcia.

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