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the hamptons.

When I got on the Hampton Jitney to head out to Southampton for the weekend, I was shocked to learn that service is apparently BYOB now. Or more accurately, the staff is either too scared or simply doesn’t care enough to stop whatever is happening, be it the rowdy frat boys (drinking out of communal bottles) or waspy moms (enjoying well-earned turtle time). Regardless, three and a half hours later we were there, enjoying a sangria-and-manchego-fueled weekend.

I also finally got my hands on a pair of white Arizona Birkenstocks, which seem to have magically become the it item of the summer, seen on the feet of everyone from the Olsens to Leandra Medine. I’d always been very against the ‘ugly-is-cool’ footwear trend, but slipping on a pair of these babies felt strange and amazing. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the bright white and wide cut of the sandals give the instant Victoria’s Secret Angel effect on legs. Sign me up.

The "appetizers" section of the kitchen...

#TBT Editorialized, The Brit Pack

            ‘The Brit Pack’, a portfolio shot by Mario Testino celebrating all that England had on offer, appeared for the first time in the January 2002 issue of Vouge UK. It featured the biggest girls of the moment, looking much more relaxed in demeanor than was common at the time, draped in short, snappy silhouettes promoting their native lands. The images alone were enough to make you want to apply for British citizenship.

            Funnily enough, the ostentatiousness of displaying such blatant national pride seems like a much more American concept (shout out to NOT having the Kardashian’s crash the annual Southampton 4th of July parade, please…). Of course, AngloMania is very much alive and thriving in America while, in my experience, our reputation across the pond is more for our preference for red solo cups and denim cutoffs. It’s no wonder that when the US edition of Vogue put together a similar spread in November 1999 (below), most models came from abroad.

            Equally jarring is the fact that many of the models featured still top every ‘most-in-demand/most-powerful/hottest…etc.’ list 12 years later. Whether that has to do with their personalities, experience, or even the slow broadening of industry standards is hard to determine. The girls’ combined aura of being cooler than anyone you’ve ever possibly come into contact with certainly has something to do with it. But whatever the case, all I want to do is slap on a Union-Jack-covered blazer and start yelling ‘God save the Queen.’ 

Vogue US November 1999:

Welcome To Your Roaring 20s

                       Falling right in line with my aspirations for perennial childhood I spent my actual 20th birthday drinking wine and watching Harry Potter with a few friends (although I did also meet Daniel Radcliffe the day before, so I think it’s justified? More on that later.). The week surrounding the actual day on the other hand was filled with festivities, most of which involved my favorite activity: indulging in all of the food opportunities New York City has to offer.

Claudette, the new French-Mediterranean restaurant, which opened in May, is one of my new favorite dinner spots in the city. It’s located in the ground floor of one of the three buildings in NYC that I have picked out for myself as ‘suitable’ locations for my 30s (big plans for my 30s) at the bottom of fifth avenue, just a few blocks from the Washington Square arch. Judging from the chi-chi location and atmosphere, I was expecting tiny portions of mehh-inspiring food. But in fact everything was delicious.  The charred octopus and eggplant that I ordered was On. Point.

I was excited to hear about the reopening of Tavern On the Green, especially since I hadn’t been able to find a favorite brunch spot in my area yet. I’d been the original restaurant with my parents when I was much younger, but I don’t have a clear memory of the food. Now, under the new (female!) head chef Katy Sparks, they’ve taken on an all-American theme. A friend and I went over the weekend and had a lovely time sitting outside, looking over central park. Next on my to do list is their indoor champagne bar…

Now for that Daniel Radcliffe story… A few nights ago a friend and I caved to a late-night fro-yo craving. As anyone who has ever been to a 16 Handles knows, it’s all about trying every single flavor multiple times before finally buying $2 worth of one to be nice. So in the middle of this a girl and guy come up to me and ask where had I gotten the sample cups? Looking straight at both of them (no doubt with chocolate running down my face) I told them. Absolutely no recognition! My much more observant friend pointed out to me that I had just spoken to Daniel Radcliffe. Looking back to the couple I had previously addressed, I realized that I had in fact just made contact with Harry Potter. And I had no idea. Neither did anyone else in the (albeit almost empty) shop. How does he do it? It’s magic. Needless to day I will be gaining a lot of weight this summer from frequent stops into that 16 Handles.

The phone above is taken outside of Miss Lily’s right after the incident. In my star-struck-haze I momentarily forgot that I actually despise coconut water and drank the whole thing.

Finishing off the week on a high note, we made DIY sangria and sat on the roof. You wouldn’t have believed the view as the sun set. It was truly the perfect way to enter my next decade. 


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