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left my heart in Tokyo:

my newest obsession, a british pop girl band called 'mini viva'. I love their sound, it makes me think of a cool dance club (ha. like the one from hilary duff's wake up music video like 10 years ago?) where all the Harijuku-type girls hang out. They have amazing videos featuring some amazing clothing like the blue jumpsuit and Louboutin heels! I actually have a few of the pieces they are wearing in the 'eft my heart in tokyo' video (like that neon top with the zippers - from H&M) I would compare them to another rising British Pop star V.V. Brown.

This is something I would use to describe my taste in music - could be classified as pop/dance but it has a little edge to it that makes them stand out in a crowd of wannabe Spice Girl type groups which seem to be popping up everywhere.

angry at america:

I'm kind of an huge american idol fan. Its a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I can watch it for hours. Last night my favorite Idol of the season, Siobhan Magnus was voted off. I mean, how could you NOT vote for a girl with a Mary Poppins tattoo? Not only was she adorable, an amazing singer, and a professional glass blower, but she had an amazing style. Every week she came out on stage in some great little dress and Doc Martins and some highly avant garde accessories(a few weeks ago she wore a dress with little butterflies sticking out of it). There is one girl left in the competition, but if we are talking about fashion she might as well be a guy for all the things she wears.
I actually watch a lot of TV, but I always do it while doing something else. Like I watched the entire Caroline In the City series while reading the archives, the whole gilmore girls series (multiple times) while sketching hundreds of designs, the whole friends series (again, multiple times) while decorating my room, and the tons of entire series of other shows like Project Runway, Sex and the City, and Gossip Girl while doing other things.
So, as an "experienced tv viewer" these are my top 5 tv shows... ever:
1- Friends
2 - Gilmore Girls
3- Sex and the City
4- Full House
5- Gossip Girl

and hey guys, I promise I have a life somewhere in there.

day dreamer

still feeding my obsession with the new Miu Miu collection with sketches and pictures. Really must do something about that. How about a pair of the clogs? Amazing sketch by Janelle Burger blog she is very talented.

LOVE kershaw.

you should see where it takes you.

what I wore today:

I always want to do something dramatic and cool with my makeup. Maybe not like this, but something like it. Although I must say this is incredibly sick. I'm talking more like Lady Gaga's eyeliner in Telephone, or the stars Miley Cyrus put on her face in Seventeen's style star issue.

i can still hear the waves


i guess this is how mary-kate feels?

Did anyone else see the previews for the new moive Beastly with MK Olsen?
i pretty much screamed in the theater. i love her!

sunday nights...

Love this outfit. especially the flowy grey coat with the chic looking heels.
and the background is amazing, i love that time after its just rained and its warm not humid and wet but not messy.

its an honor...

its an honor, that we are able to see all these amazing outfits from the streets of Paris, New York, London... anywhere. Without leaving the comfort of my room!

open up your heart and let me be your everything:


I can't decide whether I want that skirt... or if I just want to look like that in a skirt.
which is ironic considering she is modeling with a ice cream sundae as her prop...

my mouth pretty much dropped when I saw this one:

she looks like a dancer, but I actually want to wear this.

and so Katie got lost, but the bright lights of the skyline guided her right back home.


she walks in sunlight because she speaks the truth.

"I'm not afraid of walking down the street in something that people think is crazy. What I can't stand is everybody looking like everybody else." - Mary-Kate Olsen

guess they know I'm baaaaad.

kind of old, but I want that pop-art looking shirt so badly. Perfect against an all black outfit like this one. via Pucci A/W 09.

show yourself, take only what you need from me

I'm not sure what this as was used for but I am obsessed with the alexander wang dress on the left. It is the one that Megan Fox wore for one of her ELLE covers last May. The next Transformers movie isn't for another 2 years. I hope she does other stuff before then... and by other stuff I don't mean lame horror movies where she eats people.

where you can get...

where can you get something like this crazy-ass jacket that is absolutely perfect for outdoor nighttime summer parties ? Alice + Olivia.

ALICE + OLIVIA Zebra Print Sequined Jacket

extreme takes.

HELLO. those are bell bottoms. Je voudrais cette pantalones!
i need them. they are magical, no?

can I be you?

amazing back. seriously, I really want a dress with such a complicated back that I can almost not figure out how to put it on. Gucci does a perfect one, along with Balenciaga I think but I don't think I'll be getting either of those (although both are on my eternal wish list).

hand it over.

the number of pictures I can find on the internet that are on my wall continues. I always seen this when I wake up!
"It's like I live in a magazine"
true. story.

wanted: the perfect summer skirt

If only I could find out where to get it...

full body shot

Matthew Willamson for H&M or Sonia Rykiel for H&M
there were definitely more people obsessing over MW, more than SR. In terms of clothes though, I can't find any good H&M store that was/is fully well stocked of either.

200 posts!

here is a phenomenal dress to celebrate! Its begging to be Alexander Wang.

summary: project runway finale

Last night was the finale of season 7 Project Runway, and I must say I was really impressed. Overall, this season (much like american idol this season) has had some of worst contestants yet. To me, its not that they weren't talented. Its more that I can't even remember anyone before Amy left the show. They weren't memorable.
Beyond that though, I think that this season's final collections at Bryant Park were the best they have ever had (possibly with the exception of season 4). The designers had a clear point of view, the garments were made beautifully and there were some great ideas. The designers themselves, however were some of the most obnoxious, conceited, and loud people I have ever seen. Not just on Project Runway, I mean ever. Example? On the reunion episode, there was a little comment on how a model told Jay she didn't see him going farther than dressing overly tanned bleached blond LA girls. He, apparently, took that very personally. (keep in mind these two had never spoken to each other before) His response? "well thats why I don't work with bad teethed, thick legged models." Even my mouth dropped when he said that. And don't even get me started on Mila and Emillio (I mean who insults tim gunn?).
I like Seth Aaron's collection, it was probably the most memorable and daring. Its not all neccissarily my style but there were a few pieces I would love to wear. My favorite piece from the collection were a pair of pants that were half laxet/leather and half plaid. There was a plaid dress in black and white with a slight cowl neck that I am sure I have seen before, but other than a few other pieces like that, the inspiration seemed to be original and cool (with the giant exception of that purple 'dress'... what WAS that?)
Emilio's collection was, in my opinion, the best. I agree with Nina that it was more of a line than a collection but I though of that as a plus. I was rather confused on how they judged this season because apparently they counted the fact that Emilio would be an instant success across America as a reason for him not to win? It doesn't really make any sense to me. His coats were so obvious of an ideas but yet so genius. But was I the only one who wanted to see if Michael would say anything about the obvious similarities between their two styles. I think Micheal has already done versions of about 90% of the things Emilio sent down the runway. In saying that, I love Michael Kors so I did love this collection/line. I have to mention that gorgeous green gown he used to close the show and I do wish there was a few more stan out items like that.
Mila.... Mila. She is such a bitch. Anyone think Mila bribed her model to get a makeover to look just like her? I would be willing to bet money. As much as I hate to say it though, there were some pieces from her show that I would buy and I do actually like the whole thing. Probably better than what Jay would have shown.
As for the judges, Nina is my favorite. I love them all, Heidi is hilarious and gorgeous and I love to see what she wears every week, and Michael Kors is Michael Kors. I just think Nina knows what she is saying more than the other two. I think she really knows what critics would say, and she isn't ever afraid or apologetic of her views. She isn't as popular as some editors these days, but I'm glad she is nicer than Anna Wintour.

adored what Heidi was wearing, Gucci heels and dress.
kinda felt like it overshadowed the collections a bit, no?

thinking DVF

I just can't help myself. Whenever I see flowers I think Diane von Furstenberg flower child. Thanks to those wonderfully colorful advertisements and of course, her beautiful collection itself (which is out now).
Speaking of DVF, I think I have only been into one of her actual stores, does she have more? The one I am talking about is the one in the meatpacking district in New York. I know they sell the brand everywhere but suddenly I can't think of any other times I've seen a location.. maybe East Hampton? The one time I've been there, I accidentally walked into the wrong building (the DVF office building next door) I got yelled at by some overworked assistant.
anyway, point is: I get my DVF fix at Intermix.

what would they say?

what would you think if you saw this on someone next to you?

Giorgia May Jagger: VOGUE UK november (old)

Georgia May Jagger Vogue UK November 1
Some people are calling Georgia a Laura (Stone) wanna-be, I guess because of them both being having gapped teeth. Also, they both have curves - of course having curves in the model world means you don't have a life threatening eating disorder they are still super skinny compared to average people.
I think that the idea of Georgia being a faker is completely unfair, the girl can't help it if she has the same look as another model. It has obviously worked for Laura so why not for Georgia? I absolutely love her in the Versace S/S '10 adds which are everywhere these days. She is really making a name for herself more than just being known for who her parents are. Although, not too many (non-fashion obsessed) people really know who she is in America. Here are some scans from her November 2009 VOGUE UK cover shoot. The shoot is titled 'Jagger's Edge' and was photographed by Mario Testino (!) Aren't gap teeth supposed to be a symbol for being sexy? I mean... that is what I lean in English class via The Canterbury Tales.

Vogue UK - November 2009 - Jagger's Edge -  Georgia May JaggerVogue UK - November 2009 - Jagger's Edge -  Georgia May JaggerVogue UK - November 2009 - Jagger's Edge -  Georgia May Jagger

chanel vs. abbey

I can never choose between Abbey Lee Kershaw and Chanel Iman in the ever continuous cycle of deciding who my favorite top model of the moment is. This dress is deffinitly helping Abbey's case though.


here is what I will be in 10 years

can i say shit on the internet?

because SHIT.

makes me wanna die

obsessed with

they have the best collections of fashion images out there.
like these leopard boots? I wanna say that they are Christian Louboutin but I don't seen any red


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