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Cotton Candy Haze

Cleaning out my closet is a resolution best saved for 2015… For the time being, a walk through my wardrobe would indicate two things: that I tend to try on no less than five different outfits before deciding on one (usually returning to the first option) and hurrying out the door; secondly, my affinity for dark colors is immediately apparent upon entry. There is however one crucial component of my closet that you would be missing unless you were to step fully inside: the rainbow of dusty pastels residing behind the door. Normally I reserve these pieces for after March, but recently I’ve been in need of some sartorial cheer. Not for looks or any sort of charm but for the extra bit of optimism it brings on a dreary day.  

            The basics of color psychology tell us that color has the ability to affect our moods much like seasons do. People who struggle with seasonal depression (a mood disorder that causes depression during same time period every year, most commonly manifesting itself in the winter months) may increase their vitamin D intake or invest in a sun lamp to improve their condition, but I find that wearing something colorful and light works equally well when it comes to lifting the mood.

            England, known for its consistently rainy climate, has been taking this concept to heart for years. While other cities highlight color stories every now and again, the UK has held near dominance of pastels in particular.

            It’s no coincidence then that New York seems to have caught on to this idea. Winter has been (and unfortunately continues to be) a rough one. As chilly gray days leave us wondering if the city will ever bloom again, the notion of spring and all it encompasses has been increasingly romanticized. Suddenly even the most diehard New Yorkers are finding themselves drawn to cotton candy hues and feeling proportionally better because of it. 

             A few of the trends I’m looking forward to for SS14 are metallics, pleats, superflat flats and pastels. I know… (in the voice of Miranda Priestly) Florals Pastels? For spring? Groundbreaking. But as blonde with an incurably pale complexion, pastels are something I keep coming back to. Even if I was trying to break the habit, the collections offered such a wide array of pretty options that I would fully relapsed without question.

            In direct correlation with the ‘90s throwback we’re in the midst of, downtown cool kids like Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone sent out sorbet slip dresses and crop tops. If I happen to come by either look I will be sure to pair it with one of Opening Ceremony’s fur snap bracelets on each of my wrists.
            Also on offer were more upscale versions of the style from the likes of Christian Dior (I am living for that hip bone cut out), NoNoo, and Calvin Klein Collection. Not that I am one to toot the horn of “everyday life” dressing, but if you’re only looking to wade into the trend for the time being, anyone of these designer’s pieces would be great layered with simple black and white. If you’re really daring you could it even try a navy or burgundy.

            And what about those British darlings I was talking about earlier? I told you, they love a good milky pastel! As usual there was no shortage on the runway, but perhaps the three best collections in this regard came from Emilia Wickstead, Christopher Kane, and of course, Burberry. If you’re still hesitant about dressing like a lollipop, just watch Cara Delevingne sashay down the runway to the beat of Candy by Robbie Williams and I promise you will be swayed.  

skirt & sweater: Topshop
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
bracelet: beacon's closet

Photos by the lovely and talented Lisa Dengler


            Sometimes my iPod just really gets me, you know? And other times (…mostly while trying to impress a cute boy next to me on the subway) it will randomly connect to the Wi-Fi and decide to play every Jonas Brother music video that I bought in fits of hormone-induced pre-teen emotion.
            Maybe I’m not exactly Harley Viera Newton, and I probably won’t be spinning at any of Chanel cruise collections in my near future, but I still consider myself somewhat of a music aficionado. It started when my tyrannical brother let me choose the music on a road trip, and continued when everyone complimented the mix CDs I made to accompany their Christmas cookies. My ego basically hit the roof when I was put in charge of making playlists on set during a few shoots, a task basically anyone could do- all it takes is a little Kanye West and Azealia Banks to keep people happy and energized.

            So, to keep myself occupied while waiting for the call to come from Karl, asking what I’m doing for Couture this year, I’ve been attending more than my fair share of concerts. It gotten to the point where people were commenting on my instagram, asking if all I ever did was go to concerts.
            It’s incredible how many different experiences you can have with music in the city. It’s not necessarily better or worse, but just the intensely opposing feelings of sitting in the nosebleeds of a Justin Timberlake concert as compared to being thrown around in the mosh pit that is a Matt & Kim concert after a few songs. But I’ve made it a goal for 2014 to keep the music playing…. Despite the news from my Doctor that I’m officially going deaf in my left ear. And who knows? Maybe a cute boy and I will bond over my Phoenix memorabilia shirt on the L train. 

Alex + Me 

The Adam Band Maroon 5 is always a good time.

The evening entertainment at PS.1's annual book fair was getting really into it. 

I'm sure you all know everything about Phoenix at this point (Thomas Mars, the lead singer, is married to Sofia Coppola). You can listen to their whole new album here. My two favorites are Bankrupt! and Trying to be Cool. 

So much emotional realness at Fitz and the Tantrums. This was my third time seeing them in concert! 
Listen to: The Walker & MoneyGrabber . 

I'm sure you can tell from this incredibly descriptive image, but this is The Vaccines. They're ones to watch.

Walk the moon. 
Listen to: Anna Sun & Tete-a-Tete

This was an interesting night with A$AP Rocky at a V Files party. One second we were all dancing around to Fashion Killa and then next the whole ASAP Mob (crew?) was pouring buckets of champagne on us. Can you imagine the dry cleaning? 

Here are a few other selections worth listening to: 

My Work | V Magazine Spain | Kaleidostyle

            A few weeks ago I made the case for minimalism in a modern setting. I believe that simplicity and vision in design are the ultimate luxuries amidst the sea of clutter. However, while I am clearly of the “less is more” camp, I think maximalist can also play an important role in our wardrobes within the right context. (If you are going to a party at Donatella Versace’s mansion, if you are counting down the seconds until the ball drops on New Years Eve, or if you are Lady Gaga, for example.) But in the spirit of sweeping generalizations, excessiveness and grandiosity do have an important role in fashion: to further highlight the clean lines and effective cuts of clearer fair.

            While that was not the literal inspiration behind this editorial, I believe that it could have easily been a subliminal idea.  We shot the story last spring at Jack Studios in Chelsea with street-style-darling/model Ruby Aldridge. The prep was unusual as there was such a variety among the options on set. Normally, it’s easy to spot the theme or aesthetic of the shoot just by looking at the racks. It doesn’t take a genius to hypothesize that it’s a denim shoot if there are rows and rows of jeans, or that it is ‘70s-inspired if everything has a plunging neckline and bell bottoms. But this was different; there was leather, prints galore, neutrals, furs… you name it, we had it lying around somewhere.

            Clearly a number of the looks were full-on, all-out. But others, while still embelished and decorative, were appealing because of their graphic shapes and rich materials. Take the last shot (before my behind the scenes ones) for example. A fur like that would easily mesh in with Iris Apfel’s basics, but can you picture Pheobe Philo swinging it over her shoulders and heading out for cocktails with Karla Otto? I suspect not.

            The point I am trying to make is not that Pheobe is chic-er than Iris, nor the opposite.  What I am saying, however is that even the Eva Cavalli’s among us could benefit from adding a little polish to their wardrobes in the form of streamlined cuts and basic luxe pieces this season. Even if it just to showcase how truly opulent your favorite pieces are. 

photographer: aingeru zorita
model: ruby aldridge
stylist: david gomez-villamediana
hair: mark hampton
producer: wei wang


(What? Is this too much?) 


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