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It-Girls Of The Food World

Food and fashion are unlikely bedfellows; or so goes the arcane stigma surrounding the industry. While the hollowed-out waif look gained notoriety in the ‘90s as models well documented diets consisted almost entirely of champagne and caviar (remember Kate Moss’ famous line: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”?) there has been a distinctive shift in recent years.

 These days models and editors seem proud to boast about how much they consume. Cara Delevingne has gone so far as to immortalize her love of bacon by tattooing it onto the sole of her right foot. Perhaps it’s only natural that as food permeates the fashion industry, the fashion world will begin to take hold of the former. While actresses have attempted this crossover to varying levels of success (Preserve and Goop, for example) it’s our models and it-girls who seem to having long-term success.

The New Potato: 

Laura & Danielle Kosann, the sisters behind ubiquitous food blog, The New Potato, have successfully created the first food, fashion and lifestyle blog that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is informative. Coming from their respective fashion and entertainment backgrounds, they deliver well-rounded content that addresses everything from what to wear, where to eat, and where to burn it off the next day. 

Karlie Kloss: 

Karlie Kloss, the proverbial picture of good health, is practically an industry veteran at 23. Since starting out as a model in her early teens, she’s been vocal about promoting her healthy lifestyle, crediting her acres of leg to a well-balanced routine of diet and exercise. In 2012 Kloss and Christina Tossi (of Momofuku Milk Bar) collaborated on Karlie’s Kookies, a line of guilt-free cookies whose proceeds are donated to FEED, a charity that aids starving children. Lately Kloss has been busy running her own Youtube channel, Klossy, which allows fans an inside look into her world and kitchen. 

Hannah Bronfman: 

Hannah Bronfman, the 27-year-old DJ-slash-co-founder of Beautified, an app for booking last minute beauty services in New York City, leads a charmed life. Not only did she just move into a spacious east village flat with her dreamy fiancé (Brendan Fallis), but she also manages to constantly create new reasons to make the rest of us jealous through social media.

Whether she is preaching the benefits of her latest fitness routine on her blog, HBFit, or demonstrating her latest cleansing technique (follow her on snapchat for instructions: @hannahbgood), she makes you want to care about what you put into your body as well. 

Jourdan Dunn: 

The leggy Britt, Jourdan Dunn (above, center), was one of the trendsetters when started her own cooking show, Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn, in 2012 on Jay-Z’s Youtube channel. Her energetic personality and witticisms were enough to get you to tune in even if you had no intention of making your own chicken peri-peri or jerk pork. Each episode felt a bit like watching a standup comedian cook you dinner. One who sometimes invited her model squad (like Cara and Karlie) over to join in on the fun. Recently Jourdan shot a mini-series with Amuse, a lifestyle offshoot of i-D, documenting her culinary adventures in far-flung locations such as Thailand.

Chrissy Teigen: 

The famously outspoken Chrissy Teigen has dabbled in many careers over the past few years... Sports illustrated model, celebrity wife, and apparently the go-to candidate when a TV show needs a new host. Though her interests are varied, one thing remains a constant: her love of food. She runs her own food blog, Delushious, which re-launched earlier this year as a space for her to share her favorite recipes, restaurants and ramblings. She is also releasing a cookbook this February, aptly titled Cravings: Recipes For What You Want to Eat. She is pure entertainment value, but nothin tops her list CV like the TV show she did with the Cooking Channel back in 2013 titled ‘Chrissy Teigen’s Hungry.’ The show follows Chrissy (and a few cameos by her husband John Legend) as she goes on a ‘wedding tasting adventure.’ Do yourself a favor and check it out!


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