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            I’ve dreamed about visiting the majestic city of Istanbul ever since I was first taught about its tumultuous history in elementary school. I was completely enthralled by photos of its color and chaos. From the dramatic architecture of famous mosques to the way the skyline seemed to sparkle like a giant gem set against the Bosphorus. In my mind Istanbul was synonymous with glamour and intrigue. Finally getting the chance to explore the town on my own this year I couldn’t help but revert back into the mind of my 12-year-old self- completely in awe of everything around me.

            Despite a hectic arrival (one where the driver assaulted me as my friend ran to the ATM), the city did not disappoint. Our hotel greeted us with delicious cups of apple tea, a drink so sweet you can practically feel your teeth rotting in the most wonderful way. A single sip has enough sugar to wake the dead. After three cups each we were ready to explore the night. Despite the later hour everything was bustling; at 2AM Istanbul was certainly giving New York a run for its money.

            Our few days there were exotic and exciting. The unique mix of Eastern and Western cultures (straddling both Europe and Asia) creates a vibrant lifestyle that couldn’t exist in any other setting. It’s a labyrinth of alleyways and hidden passages which all seem to lead to a view that is somehow more beautiful than the previous one.

            Any guidebook will tell you about the major landmarks (none of which should be missed of course!), but the most beautiful moments usually happened by accident. Getting lost and ending up having lunch in a kind strangers home somewhere by the water. Trying my first Turkish coffee in Taksim with a group of new Norwegian friends. Having no idea what I was ordering off the menu but ending up with one of the most delicious meals of my life. The constant chaos that at first made me feel anxious eventually helped me realize that the best experiences happen once you finally open yourself up to just going with the flow.


             Gone are days of women pretending that their toned physiques were totally effortless. Talking about going to the gym used to be taboo, but these days I can’t scroll through my Instagram feed without spotting someone mid-workout or enjoying a post-sweat juice. Unsurprisingly, this lifestyle trend has worked its way into the fashion industry and opened up a new market for stylish sportswear. The two most ubiquitous brands, Nike and Adidas, seem to be in constant competition to gain the upper hand on this market by creating ties with industry leaders through collaborations and events.

            The trend, which has been dubbed ‘athleisurewear’, is a logical progression of the ‘normcore’ craze of 2014. While normcore featured a resurgence of non-pretentious, suburban-mall-brands, athleisurewear focuses on workout apparel worn in a context that has nothing to do with an actual gym.

            The origins of the trend are rooted in the universal conundrum of working-woman: not having enough time for anything, but insisting on doing everything. Realizing that they could cut down on time and baggage by wearing their workout clothes throughout the day, many women were instantly hooked. This concept quickly expanded as women realizing that they didn’t have to be hitting the gym to wear their favorite leggings or hoodie.

As athletic-inspired apparel began to infiltrate itself into the fashion crowd’s wardrobes, both Nike and Adidas took the opportunity to try and build upon their industry presence. While the end goal is to create profit, not necessarily create legitimate industry credibility that’s exactly what they’re doing as established houses embrace the movement (pun intended).

            Both companies are famous for their successful partnerships with big industry names. Addias in particular has been collaborating with designers for years. Their long running collection with Stella McCartney recently reached their decade-long milestone, an anniversary they are commemorating with the release of a juniors sub-line. They have also famously united with Jeremy Scott, Comme Des Garcons, and Raf Simmons in the past. Their most recent headliners, however, show that they’re style-savvy and willing to take a risk with newer names such as designer Mary Katrantzou and Sacai’s Chitose Abe.

            Nike has also been known to work with other brands to create one-off products. Previously they have worked with major stores like Liberty of London, J.Crew, and Supreme in addition to smaller names with cult followings, like Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci.

            This past fall, Nike held a summit in New York to reveal plans to expand their womenswear division by 40% before 2017. One of the most notable unveilings of the summit was their campaign, which featured supermodel Karlie Kloss. Kloss, who has been known to post about her workout routine on various social media channels, was an unexpected choice for a brand as they normally feature professional athletes. This decision, in combination with the remarkable number of fashion media outlets that chose to cover the event, signifies their dedication to becoming a serious industry player.

            While the idea of Nike or Adidas trying to break into the industry might not initially seem like the most obvious direction, one might consider the element of aspiration that is associated with working out. Ultimately we all work out for different reasons, but most of us share the common goal of exercising to look and feel good about ourselves.

That ambition is where the overlap exists. Does anyone really need a $10,000 dress? No, but we strive for it anyway because we know that it will heighten our confidence and make us feel better about ourselves. It may be a bit of a stretch, but one could argue that a similar high is achieved at the end of a brutal workout as is felt when handing over a credit card in exchange for a dress you’ve been drooling over for months.


            With that magnetic, raspy voice and cheekbones that could draw blood, it’s no shock that James Bay has quickly become one to watch. Bay, who grew up in a Northern suburb of London, has been busy making a name for himself in America after releasing his first album, Chaos And The Calm, with much acclaim in early 2015.

            The musician, who at 24 can already claim to have toured with the likes of Hozier and Tom Odell, will soon be sharing the stage with Taylor Swift on the European leg of her 1989 World Tour. The coveted gig will rightfully attract even more eyes towards Bay and his slouchy, rocker style.

            Bay has mastered the laid back aura of early British rockers (think: The Kinks and The Rolling Stones), without appearing overly retro. He prefers subtlety to the on-stage-and-off peacocking of other big acts- an almost novel concept in the age of constant self-promotion. Just before he hits the road with T-Swift, here are a few style tricks to steal from Mr. Bay.

1. Always wear a wristwatch. Gender-bending watches have been been resurfacing in recent seasons and are finally being made to suit smaller wrists. An oversized face and leather strap can lend a chic-garconne vibe for the downtown darling.

2. Long hair, don't care. James's simple hairdo is a welcome respite from coiffes that require hours of maintenance. Wash it, maybe throw in some leave-in conditioner if you're feeling fancy (James uses TRESemme), and go!

3. Invest in a sturdy, black, wide-brimmed hat. Somewhere between a fedora and a sun hat, the structured shape has a subtle '70s effect that'll take you from the arena to an east end pub. If you choose wisely, like James, you'll only ever need two options.

4. Adopt a uniform. James's no-nonsense wardrobe seems to consist entirely of slim-fit jeans and leather jackets, a look that is definitely working for him (**swoon**). While there's no harm in experimenting, if you're lucky enough to have found a signature style early on... stick with it! 

5.  Denim is the simplest solution when temperatures render your leather impractical. A loose-fitting jean jacket with 3/4-length sleeves thrown over a white T-shirt is your effortless summer look. Part-American dream / Part-Urban Outfitters catalog model.  



            It’s been described as “The world’s first comfort food,” the secret ingredient in Grandma’s chicken soup, and the it-food of 2015. Bone broth may have been around since the 18th century, but it has recently staged a comeback as the beverage dujour due to several health benefits with which it has been linked.  

Bone broth first appeared on my radar in early 2015 when I met up with a friend for lunch at Bone Daddies, a ramen bar in London’s SoHo that features the broth as their primary ingredient. The ramen was undeniably tasty, but I couldn’t say that it was worth the two-hour queue that had amassed over the course of our meal.

Unbeknownst to me, bone broth had become the hot new food trend of the health-conscious community. The so-called ‘superfood’ quickly made its way across the pond where New Yorkers can now grab a steaming cup from Brodo in the East Village or get it delivered in bulk from any of the subscription-based companies that have been popping up.

These options may be more costly than making your own batch, but the messy logistics of doing it at home make pre-made choices much more appealing. It requires pre-roasted animal bones to boil in a pot of water for a minimum of twelve hours (which differentiates it from stock which typically involves less time at a higher temperature) to break down the nutrients from the bones and allow them to be absorbed into the broth.

            In attempts to cut back on my caffeine, I began to substitute my afternoon latte with a mug full of broth. I felt less jittery but I was still skeptical about what real benefits I could really be getting from a drink that mostly tasted like watery soup.

            Marco Canora, the chef behind Brodo, believes that one of the main reasons people are swarming to his shop is the promise of better hair and nails thanks to the naturally high levels of collagen and gelatin in his broth. Unsurprisingly, “We get a lot of people who are already onboard with gut wellness, a lot of SoulCycle types and a lot of beautiful women,” he told the New York Post.

            Beyond vanity it has a number of internal healing benefits, which has made it popular with athletes. Even LA Lakers player, Kobe Bryant, has voiced his approval. "I've been doing the bone broth for a while now," he told ESPN. "It's great - energy, inflammation. It's great."


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