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            A day centered around good food and wine is always a success in my book. So for our second day in Greece we decided to go for a Greek feast and wine tasting set in The Plaka area of Athens. Plaka, the small neighborhood that sits just under the Acropolis, functions as a miniature Greek village. It’s home to some of the best restaurants in town but is still worth a stop if you don’t plan on eating for a view of it’s colorfully painted houses and clustered alleyways.

For the wine tasting we went to a picturesque café/bar called Brettos, famous for it’s oft-Instagramed wall of homemade liquors. I am by no means a wine connoisseur (although potentially an expert if we go by the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hour rule…), but the process behind making a ‘good’ wine fascinates me. While I generally prefer red to white, I couldn’t believe how good the local Santorni whites were. Again I’m no expert but I understand that this has to do with the high acidity of the grapes, which produces a very dry taste. 

Greek cuisine is known for being some of the most varied and flavorful in the world. But what really surprised me was how healthy most of the dining options were. Maybe that’s how so many of the elderly Greeks are able to trek up and down those killer hills all day- leaving us panting in a trail of dust.


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