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those shoes! that hat! that hair! those eyes!

is it any wonder she is our generations number 1 style icon?
i think not.

it was love at first sight:



Photobucket Photobucket

the most awkward first kiss ever:

thanks to Vanessa Hudgens, via: bandslam
kind of bored so I thought I'd watch it sense its one of the only movies my blockbuster has I haven't sen yet. It was surprisingly not as bad as I was expecting it to be.

pretty dress pretty background. thats life in australia.

(via stylesightings)

this reminds me of keira knightley's chanel ad.


Peaches and Sequins.


an amazing blazer on what I think is Peaches Geldof.
is that a tattoo of a cat on her thigh?

i have to.

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this has just become my new least favorite memory

great outfit, I want a skirt like his and I love this mix of sparkles and combat boots.


this picture prooves that the socks with heels can still work in summer.
just remember to pair it with white or really light colors that look white from far away.
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so excited for my summer plans - hamptons in june, martha's vineyard with my friends in july, and paris and london with my family in august. then back to the boring days of school.

floral blazer coming up:

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via: garance dore
a lovely summer jacket with the floral print but it still has an edge to it.

can't take away this feeling

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the Olsens AND Louis Vuitton bunny ears.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
has everything you could want in a dress - lace paneling, sprarkles, fits perfectly, and just the right of skin showing for a balance (short with long sleeves).

I want to walk down your street in this:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Christian Louboutin shoes)

the shoes. olsen.

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(via fashion canvas)
I used to think these shoes were Chanel when I first saw them. Now that I know they're now it seems so obvious that they would never have been designed by Karl Lagerfeld. I hate it when that happens.

"I hear they like blondes in Japan"

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This outfit is as close as studs can get to being as amazing as they are on the Alexander Wang Coco duffel bag. The utlimate kick-ass fashion look if there ever was one. The hat completes the outfit along with the effortlessness the billowy pants bring.

Who wore it better: leopard skirt edition.

Whitney Port at a Target event.

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Miranda Kerr shopping.

Personally, I like Whitney's better. I how she mixed prints and striped and how it worked so well on her. Miranda looks pretty as well but I would have preferred a bight colored mini on her to liven up her slightly "blah" outfit.

Olivia Palermo

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I want to be her. She has everything - new york, fashion industry, amazing clothes, great apartment, and a killer voice to scare any one into something she wants.

"heels 6' make a boy wanna bite his lip"

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Rachel Bilson
(via Asos magazine)

Alice Dellal:

VIA: no. magazine

love all the jerremy scott and bodysuits .
very Alice.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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Even though I hate how Little J has been acting on the last few episodes of gossip girl, I was sad to see that Taylor Momsen won't be returning to Gossip Girl for at least the first part of the next season. Her amazing style is one of the many reasons why I love that show.
Example A - her perfect pairing of lace tights, a studded oversized bag, fingerless gloves, and a plaid mini skirt.

addicted to blogger?

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(via: fashioncanvas)
I can't stop posting! I keep seeing great things I love and I need to share them.
hope you enjoy!

This outfit is great because of how well she makes all that black look beach appropriate with just a little bit of tie-dye. Plus that scarf is so great I have been on a conquest to find one this large and cozy looking sense last December- maybe I'll just make one myself. I have a fourth grade knitting club degree after all.

Sex and the City 2.

After reading over 20 reviews (all saying it was awful) for Sex and the City 2, I was prepared to be completely disappointed by the movie. However I disagree with most of the reviews. I went to see it today and I though it was great. Its one of those movies you see once and then don't see again for a really long time because of how they drag out some scenes. If you haven't been an avid viewer of Sex and the City when it was on TV - or DVD like me, then you probably won't quite get it. There is lots of old things that were patched up and friendships and romances restored. Nothing major really happened like in the first one. Aiden was back and there was the inevitable kiss but that was all.
I wish that more of it was in New York City. The opening credits were by far the best part of the movie with the eighties rendition. Famous stylist Patricia Fields still has her talent although it seemed to be toned down in this movie save for a few classic 'Carrie Bradshaw' hats. Lots of Halson (which SJP is now somehow working/endorcing for them).
Not too many inappropriat parts, except for two samantha sex scenes and comments. Overall, very much like the first one: slow moving but really enjoyable- a must see for all.

she didn't like that:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
VOGUE Spain January.
those great Balmain boots worn by a gorgeous look-a-like Carmen Kass look.

the "tee-hee' girl

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Lovely look - especially those acid-wash jeans and studded louboutins

white hair, ripped tights.

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can we pretend airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars.

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(via fashiongonerouge)

remember to dream big.


Who else could pull off this trend without looking rediculous?
Alexa Chung of course- because reall, I might as well face it- im addicted to chung.
Sadly I have been noticing her decrease in popularity recently ever sense her show was taken off the air, I WANT HER BACK!

lovely summer shoot:

(photos via: fashion canvas)


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