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The new era of supermodels

Raised in Los Angeles, the super-skinny/obsess-worthy/gorgeous Chanel Iman Robinson, had begun modeling in all the major Paris fashion week shows by the time she was 15. I remember the first time I saw her on the cover of teenvogue a couple of years ago with three other (nobody now) models. This month 19-year old Chanel (somebody) Iman is c0-covergirl with pregnant model Jordan Dunne.
Her walk is so fierce (sorry just watched season 5 project runway) but her looks is so sweet and innocent how can any one resist? In a way she takes modeling as acting-which is really so important not just for models but for the whole industry because essentially what designers and editors are doing is pretending to be the client or the ideal girl they want to dress and seeing what she wants or how she would act (and what she would wear while doing it). Her off-duty style is also amazing and Im pretty sure she styles's it herself. This girl is going places for sure (actually she is pretty much already there, and she's staying)
In case you've been living under a rock Chanel is the one on the right.

Chanel Iman Paris.jpg
She is also currently dating a normal guy, featured in the new teenvogue handbook, dreams of starting a clothing line with her mom (who is not Iman), and is Phillip Lim's muse.

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