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BJ's Shoes,

Betsey Johnson's shoes at the CFDA awards. 
The look suspiciously like Balmain but I'm sure are Betsey's own design. 
She was such a sweet woman! Her friend and her came over to chat about what had happened at the awards. Although there was some miscommunication that went something like this: 

Me: "Right. No, I'm an intern at Karla Otto. But I have a friend who interns for you."
Betsey: "oh my gosh you intern for me! Why didn't you say so?"
Me: "No. I don't, but my friend does."
Betsey: "That so great your starting young. Next time you see me in the office you'll have to come say hello!" 
Me: Wait. No! I don't intern for you!"
(car pulls up for her and her friend) 
Betsey: "Nice to meet you! See you at work!"
Me: ...


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