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I need my morning coffee, which I insist on saying three times to make myself feel like Lorelei Gilmore, if you get the reference. Probably not too healtyh since I'm only 16, but I mean when I set my alarm on a saturday morning for 8:30 I deserve some (good thing I don't go to BYU.)Now I'm making my coffee and sorting out the stack of magazines I'm about to read this morning before I start reviewing the A/W shows on for the rest of the day. I love saturday mornings.

Even though I spent the majority of my winter break last week reading magazines I still have 64 left to read until I'm upto current. It may be I get about 2 in the mail everyday- I get more mail than the rest of my family's mail combined which they don't seem to like. Today I've set my goal at some Harper's Bazaar Australia's, 3 W's (in honor of Blair Waldorf), the Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus Marie Claires, the new Love, and some New York Times 'T' magazine from autumn.

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