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The recent Galliano-Dior crisis has been on the mind of fashion people and others alike. What he did was wrong, obviously, but should they have fired him? Dior must have been torn; while firing him makes the company look better, their loosing an amazing one of a kind voice as well. Truly I can't think of many people who could replace him as head of design. There is Karl, sure, but he is rather busy what with Chanel, Fendi, designing an island, and his own personal lines and photography. Hedi Slimane could be an amazing choice his aethetic could fit Dior well with an eye towards the slightly more avante-gard. Alber Elbaz would be amazing but his style of the uber girly and lightness is perfectly suited at Lanvin. Personally my favorite choice would be Tom Ford. He may be difficult to get if unwilling, but think of what he could do with the collections! Maybe he could even bring Carine on board- perfect timing in her career as well. Fate?
Galliano and Dior have been a pair for so long, its a shame something like this happened. Like many famous couplings the two are not the only ones to be affected by the split after falling in love with seeing the two together. There have been quite a few earth shattering (to a girl who loves her laptop and breaths fashion, anyway) splits recently both personally and professionally. Carine and French Vogue - I was hoping her reign would never end. Zac and Vanessa, Chuck and Blair, Scarlett and Ryan, Ashlee and Pete, too many to mention. In honor of the splits I (during an hour and a half lecture on Woodrow Wilson at 8am) made a list of my favorite celebrity and TV couples. Sadly, most have split, but at least some are able to turn it into song writing gold or throw themselves into their work, mastering the art of becoming your character.

Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest - Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough in Parisimage

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