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The New Yorker Stories

The New Yorker Stories by Ann Beattie $14.99 on Amazon
I just started reading this book last night, I can't say its good yet as I only got through about 15 pages before I fell asleep (it was late for me) but I love the idea of the book. Whenever your in New York there is that overwhelming sense of how everyone has a story and your just one of the millions. This book takes that idea and goes inside the minds of a whole slew of different people and their stories. You can learn something from each or just be entertained by how different each one is and how you never know who is going through what or who could be your new best friend. Easily a great read for Central Park where you can just pick some people on a bench next to you and imagine they're the people in the story. A way to feel connected to people you don't know making the city all the more comforting.

(random favorite photos of the week)

the perfume I wear right now. oh my gosh I want to go here. I LOVE pomegranate seeds!Strasbourg Cathedral, France.

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