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HP World!

I finally went to Harry Potter world a little over a month ago, after having planned on going more than a few times before. It was absolutely amazing. I could have done without the hoards of large tourists nawing on giant chicken legs, but hey its Orlando. Im sure others were complaining about me. Actually, I know they were as my brother has apparently no interest in Harry Potter and couldn't wait to get out of there.
The food was pretty bad, but the butter beer... oh my gosh the butter beer. It was like root beer and butter (I know because my friend and I attempted to remake it. That failed.) The Harry Potter themed simulator ride was probably the best themed ride I have ever been on. Even as a hollagram Rupert looks hot.
I really packed all the HP themed merchandise I could into my bag. It was kind of an issue back at the airport when the tip of mirror of Erised kep re-opening my bag.

dress, American Eagle; bandeau bra, American Apparel; sweater, H&M; necklace, Disney Couture; sunglasses, faux-alexander-wang

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rosapelsblog said...

nice photos !!!!


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