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Summer in the City

I arrived in the city for the summer yesterday afternoon! The apartment I'm staying in for the next two months is right in the neighborhood of my old apartment so although many things have changed, I know the area. The apartment is full of windows looking out uptown over 3rd and Madison, flooding the rooms with the lights and sounds that make the lullaby of the city. So fat its been pretty relaxed, some fro-yo with a friend, a delicious Italian dinner, and some Johnny Depp obsessing while watching Pirates 4.
It still doesn't feel quite like summer, maybe its because I left school a couple of weeks earlier than normal, or that its been kind of overcast so far. I'm sure it makes me sound like such a tourist, but I love looking at the skyline either way. Thankfully there is full cable here, but as for internet connection, all I have is my phone. I'm sure I'll be parking myself at Starbucks (free wi-fi) multiple times a day to make sure I'm all caught up on the blogs (until I master the art of the bloglovin app on my iphone). It's weird not having anything to read. I don't think I like that.


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