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Vera Wang person style:
Vera Wang has a certain personal style in dressing that meshes her beautiful dainty design aesthetic with a tough urban necessity feel. I like that she started out at the very bottom as an intern and made her way up to where she is now. She is one of the more accessable and relatable designers, mostly because, similarly to Donna Karan, she is a real woman designing for real women. But in her own way, she is still glamourous and someone to look up to with adoration. All of that translates into an emulatable style. While it can be a bit all over the place, she sums it up when she claims she"studies being understudied"
"I will never forget, it was so incredible... [Vera] was dressed in a while crepe de chine YSL dress, with long red fingernails, and very beautiful, very high-heeled pumps. I said to her 'Vera, we are going to be working in the fashion closet, and believe me we'll be on out hands and knees. So I think you should go home and change." - Polly Allen Mellon on Vera for Harper's Bazaar 2011


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