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The Olsens Give Back

Mary-Kate and Ashley seem to have jumped on the same bandwagon as Naomi Campbell. Recently MK & A have been really pursuing 'fashion for a good cause.' Throughout their multi-millionaire years, they have been known to give back. In the past few months, they have been more involved than ever. I wonder what they're feeling guilty for?
The Row's newest collab with Toms shoes would seem somewhat unexpected. With The Row being an upscale line of basics, and Tom's, the ever-expanding collection of comfortable guilt-free flat, its hard to imagine how the two fit together aesthetically.
The underlying structure of the Row consists of basics (read, season-free pieces)-Tshirts, leggings, sweaters- built to last. Other than being designed by the Olsens, the line's niche is the luxurious, high-quality materials that go into each piece. Tom's, which everyone from indie-rock hipsters to preppy field-hockey players at my school seem to own, is more along the lines of Ugg boots. They aren't attractive- and they aren't meant to be. (Although both companies seem to be trying really hard to make them through designer collaborations (Jimmy Choo for Ugg? Really?) and upgraded hardware.) Their sole purpose(and genius marketing strategy) is to raise money, and awareness for children living in poverty in third world countries.
How, then, do the two companies come together in one great product? Luxury and comfort. Each pair of shoes in The Row x Toms edition, which go for around $140 each, is made of cashmere. Not only will they feel amazing to walk in, but they'll also leave you with that great feeling of knowing your actions help others - no buyers remorse!
Another, friendlier on the wallet, way to give to charity and get a piece of the Olsens, is from their lower-pried Olsenboye line. Their newest collection for JCPenney contains a change purse, selling for $9.99, whose proceeds go to the 'Pennies from Heaven' foundation. This orginaization helps create nurturing after-school activities for children of varying circumstances.

"Every child should have the opportunity to be part of a positive and nurturing environment after school."- Ahsley


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